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  1. Even desktop computer manufacturers have a way of forcing you to upgrade.Every 5 years or so Intel changes the pin configuration of its motherboard' date=' so no matter whether its only your motherboard, processor or ram which is shot, you are forced to replace all the three. Which means the customer is forced to spend 15000 instead of 5000.[/quote']

    I am in no way supporting Apple. In fact I hate the way they are manipulating the market. However I feel that there are some other factors behind this phenomenon other than market manipulation by Apple or MS or any other Cos.

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  2. This guy Mr.Kapil Sibal has many good ideas' date=' but he hasn't implemented all of them right. He has made my (and that of all 9th and 10th Std.) students miserable.Nevertheless, I must say this touchscreen device is rather interesting. Can't wait to get my hands on one. Hope the touch sensitivity is not bad,.


    I must say this touchscreen device is rather interesting.