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  1. thx for the tips bro...hoe they work
  2. i am bro .. :-D 179 cm .. so ok TB den .. now just help me get points to put b4 my dad :-| .. dunno y he's saying no to a 350 cc engine !! :-(
  3. u tell me ..who the hell is gonna pay 2lakhs for a scooter ??? i'd rather buy a maruti 800 for that price !! or even a good second hand swift !!
  4. ahem.. am around 6 feet ... :-| .. what do you suggest ? guess thunderbird den ?
  5. yeah !! for its price i'll buy two thunderbirds !!! 2 lakhs dats for the 400cc version ... for the 650cc version ..4.5 lks ... but still r they allowed in india ? den why rnt super bikes allowed properly den ?
  6. no bro .. it was displayed liek any other vehicle !!
  7. well am a student...studying engg in pune... but live in mumbai.... ... i .... have ridden a bicycle... :-D I have a corolla and a fiat uno previously had a ford ikon ... have no bike :-(
  8. i meant in the cruiser segment ...
  9. the guy was saying its gonna be introduced in inda !! does suzuki have the license to sell +250 cc 2 wheeler vehicles in india ?? what about euro 3 norms ??
  10. oh damn..shud have used my real name ... its Sidharth :-) thx for ur greetings...
  11. huh ? one of friends recently went to a suzuki showroom ... she said they showed her a 'scooty' .. it was the suzuki Burgamn 400 and 650 (400cc engine and 650 cc engine ??) since wen did suzuki start selling it in india ?? and dat too in a showroom ?? i understand if its in an imported bikes shop but a showroom ?? and the price ? soemwhere around 2 lakhs can someone plz confirm dis ? anyone in mumbai ?
  12. tell dat to my dad !! prob is the mileage ... of both ? am ready to wait for the TB twin spark...
  13. hmm.. the price factor also plays a role ... btw thx bro .. was about ask about the 200cc avenger ... am a student so fuel mileage also counts here ...
  14. hmm .. worth cosidering ... but still i am a little confused on the engines ... Avenger is a 180 DTS-i ... and TB is a 350 ... so any particular difference in speed ? coz their BHP is almost similar ...
  15. hi guys i want a buy a bike ... most probabaly a cruiser sort ... not many options in this category ... i think ... the Bajaj Avenger and RE thunderbird fits in this category ... could someone plz help me in selecting one of them ... giving all the pros and cons ?
  16. Hi frds... sidharth here ... am a student and would like to interact with you all to get a betterknowledge of the automobile scene in india ... and probably take your help in buying some too :-P ... hoping for a nice welcome in your ranks and a pleasent stay here ...