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  1. huh ? one of friends recently went to a suzuki showroom ... she said they showed her a 'scooty' .. it was the suzuki Burgamn 400 and 650 (400cc engine and 650 cc engine ??)  since wen did suzuki start selling it in india ?? and dat too in a showroom ?? i understand if its in an imported bikes shop but a showroom ??

    and the price ? soemwhere around 2 lakhs smiley3.gif

    can someone plz confirm dis ? anyone in mumbai ?

  2. Hi frds...

    sidharth here ... am a student and would like to interact with you all to get a betterknowledge of the automobile scene in india ... and probably take your help in buying some too :-P ...

    hoping for a nice welcome in your ranks and a pleasent stay here ...