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  1. - Friends I am planning to buy i10. I wanted to know about the car image. Is it more towards Alto/Santro/Wagon-R league OR is it in Swift league ??
  2. What is Figo Diesel mileage? My friend is getting 21 between Delhi-Hisar, so I was assuming in city to be 18. Your view (actual users do write that you are using the same)
  3. Friends - I am confused between buying i10 and Swift. What is the mileage of Swift?? Was theer any cahnge after K12 engine was launched? My usage is 100 km a day and I know amny i10 users who get mileage of upto 15
  4. - When will Maruti launch new Swift- Its all been speculation-Any concrete answer as to when it will hit the roads?? My Car purchase has been overdue for a month now Note from ACI-Support: Stop creating similar Topics. Go through the Board Rules & Regulations before proceeding any further. Thread Closed.BornFree2011-04-16 15:12:55
  5. Thanks a lot for your reply. My car purchase is almost overdue by a month and I my collegue has been driving me for a month now. (Delhi-Gurgaon) Maruti has been postponing Swift launch from March to April & now to May. There are many who say it can be as late as July as Sept. Kindly suggest what to do?..................Is there any way @ all to validate May 26 date? Many thanks for your help Gaurav
  6. Hi Friends When is new Swift getting launched? Any idea on its pricing? Are they changing Dzire as well? Many thanks,
  7. Hi I drive for 80 km a day between Delhi-Gurgaon. Since I have very long office hous, its really tiring for me to drive that much. I am buying a new car and my budget is below 6 Lacs. The only cars in that budget which have automatic transmission are i-10 and A-Star. A-Star is 60k cheaper but I guess i-10 should be better option. Kindly help me with the following queries: 1) I had earlier chosen Swift Dzire Lxi @ 5.4 Lacs and now i-10 with auto transmission is for 5.5 Lacs. I have never driven auto trans. cars- Will that serve my purpose of comfortable driving and saving energy of pressing clutch and changing gears all the time ? Does my decision to shhift from Dzire to i-10 makes sense? due to auto trans.-people who drive auto trans cars should now te difference 2) I have heard new Swift to be launched in May will have auto transmission- Any clues? I guess I should then wait for it Many thanks. Post Edited, Thread Moved: ACI-Support.BornFree2011-04-15 06:40:38
  8. Hi friends I am planning to buy SWIFT or SWIFT Dzire One of the concerns that I had during the test drive was the ease in driving in terms of the VIEW while driving and especially while reversing the car. I had a test drive of Hyundai Accent as well- it was better in terms of its view of the road Overall I like SWIFT/Dzire more than Accent but my apprehension of driving with ease has confused me Usage- 80 km a day between delhi-gurgaon..............Please suggest?......Thanks
  9. Hi folks, I am planning to buy a new car. My usage should be 1000km+ a month.. I have shortlisted Swift Dzire. I will be buying petrol version-lxi as my budget does not allow me to spend more to get Diesel. My plans are that if cost of petrol rises exorbitantly, then I will get CNG instaled after few months. Q1) What is the mileage with K12 engine. (Would be great to find someone who owns k12 petrol) Q2) How is the overall performance of the car and its running/maintenance costs? Thanks for your help! Thread moved: ACI Support.BornFree2011-03-22 11:28:47