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  1. Hi I am looking to buy new 150cc bike, i am using Honda Shine from last 4 year and i am pleased with Honda quality (i like the silent engine ) I have always liked unicorn but now with dazzler i mean both are same in terms of FE ( -5 in Dazzler ). I like mono - suspension. i have not heard any issues with Honda as of now ! so if you know and want me to consider any other bike then please suggest me..
  2. ninad

    shine 58K ??

    hey booked bike for 55.5 K from honda showroom ...
  3. ninad

    shine 58K ??

    this price is for drum - alloy- self model and price list on honda site looks quite old coz i asked in honda showroom where i was told price 54.6 + 2.5K for accessories.
  4. ninad

    shine 58K ??

    hi i have decided to buy 125cc bike and its shine i was expecting its cost wud be around 56.5 K but i came to know that its costing 58K ? is it really that costly ?? i am from mumbai. please answer cos i m gonna book bike in 2-3 days ...