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  1. hey i m not comparing the two. i just wanted to know how they look in night.
  2. can anyone post pictures of laura and civic showing how their interiors look at night
  3. thanks guys..i think now i need to search for one of these in the market..
  4. @anjan .. ya parking problem tucson is good but it kind of looks outdated now... my final list is: Captiva(if in budget), Vitara, Crv, civic or laura.. what you suggest of these. please no other car.
  5. thanks pranab.. accord wont fit in my parking.. so i would better go for a civic.. a 2yr old civic is easily available in 8lacs which is quite new like.
  6. what about the captiva can i get one under 9 lacs.
  7. ya i know that but try to understand that i dont want scorpio safari want something premium.,. if i dont get a suv then i ll end up getting a laura or civic..
  8. friends please tell me about the grand vitara.. it is available at much lower price and cheap to maintain being a maruti.
  9. safari scorpio no.. i want something more premium.
  10. pajero and tucson both looks outdated now.. n i dont think the latest gen CRV will be available in my budget.. or if i drop the idea of the SUV. do you guys suggest going in for a 3yr old laura. as i m not going to do any offroading i want suv just for their road presence.
  11. I currently own a hyundai accent. Now i am planning to buy a used SUV in budget of 8-9 lacs. What i want is the road presence and status of a SUV. My parking space is quite low, so the smaller the better for me.. Fortuner is obviously not possible in my budget. Endeavour is out of list because of size. Captiva my favourite but will i get one i my budget. I like the grand vitara also, but i m worried about its high running cost. Or any other suggestions.. Please help me.