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  1. Need a sedan under 12 lakhs

    I am also looking for an automatic diesel around 10 lacs which one should i go for?
  2. I drive in the highway at night mostly twice a week for about 60 kms on highway @CB what model and brand should i go for? those 1k bulbs you were speaking about
  3. I mean is 100/90 safe for the reflector??
  4. I also visited the team bhp forum everyone there is advising Phillips rally 100/90 with relay wiring wont this effect the headlamp reflector and melt and cause blackening and cause permanent damage to the car
  5. @cb what is wattage I should prefer?
  6. My driver feels that the lighting of my verna is not adequate on the highway even in the city we are forced to use high beams due to lack of visibility I would like to change the bulbs or if possible to white colored ones... Is it advisable to for xenons? Please let me know at the earliest Regards, Akanksh Chokkapu
  7. Tyre Upgrade for Swift Vdi

    I have enquired the price of bridgestone turanza's (185/70 R14) in vizag. It is said as Rs 4450/tyre for one variant and Rs 4650/tyre for another. My budget is strictly Rs 20000. Can i opt for 4 tyres and use 165/80R14 as the spare??? or Yokohama is listed as Rs 4000/tyre. The road I travel is full of bumps,speed breakers and pot holes. Pls suggest me as soon as possible as i hav to change by tommorow
  8. Diesel Hatch

    Why dont you go for a ford figo? A grreat Vfm car and with in your budget
  9. New Car c.10 lacs!!

    @TSI Vipul i strictly need a diesel for my use of 2500 kms a month
  10. New Car c.10 lacs!!

    I think verna 1.6 base would be out of my pocket.... it should around 9 otr but my budget is 8 otr!!!
  11. New Car c.10 lacs!!

    I20- Steering rattle Jazz- no diesel Punto- Bad A.S.S Fabia- Bad A.S.S too ANS- Is not extraordinary Polo- TDed it did not like it.... Oh my dear ACI ans please help!!!!
  12. New hatchback buying help

    I think i've seen 2 honda brios on the roads of vizag i cudnt capture them as i was drivin one blue another in green are they the ones with the complete glass on rear???
  13. Tyre Upgrade for Swift Vdi

    Please help in selecting the the correct tyre variant in bridgestone my budget for 5 tyres is 20k and i want to upsize from stock for my swift vdi http://www.bridgestone.co.in/tyre/tyreselector/bypattern/index.asp
  14. What does load index on a tyre wall suggest??
  15. Best petrol car for 9 lakhs.

    Honda city is the leader of the petrol segment below 10 lacs. So close ur eyes and go for it.....