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  1. Wish all forum members a very Happy New year!
  2. I had made my mind for Laura but only one dealer has TSI model but it is 2011 manufactured and he is quoting 13.79 lakhs OTR.Should I go for it .The dealers are non committal about 2013 model and quoting wild prices OTR for 2013 model.
  3. I am looking to buy a new car.My requirements are : 1. Good ride and handling 2. coomunicative steering 3.after sales service 4.comfort and features 5. free revving Petrol engine 7.budget is under 15 lakhs. Based on above requirement I have shortlisted Skoda laura tsi ambition , Hyundai elantra 1.8 petrol SX and Honda City 1.5 AVN.My monthly usage is around 300 KM.i have one peculiar problem though the nearest service centre is 200 kms and i can't get service done every 6 months.due to commitments.The car is to be mostly self driven My heart is set for Laura.But suggestions from forum members are welcome.
  4. How will this bulky car handle corners and will it be as good as M5 - only time will answer.One thing is for sure AMG powered S class beware of the new hot one
  5. If you don't like the workng conditions resign from the job but resorting to mob like and 70s style tatics can't be justified. People must understand that todays workers must work harder and have to let go benefits.These workers have deprived their coming generation of job opportunity . What's sad is that some people are supporting workers cause inspite fully knowing a life is lost due to these barbaric workers
  6. Shameful incident of killing HR manager.A barbaric incident.I hope suzuki shuts shop in gurgoan and relocates to a more peaceful part of country
  7. Vauxhall have inroduced the new Adam car designed to go head on with Fiat 500 and MINI.Based on shortened Corsa platform .A striking element of the Adam’s design is the ‘floating’ effect for the roof, which is achieved by painting the pillars and roof a separate colour to the bodywork. At its launch, the Adam will be offered with a choice of three four-cylinder petrol engines, which are taken from the current Corsa. The base engine is a 69bhp 1.2-litre unit. Two 1.4-litre engines are also offered, with 86bhp and 99bhp. Standard kit includes ESP with a Hill Start Assist function, front, side and curtain airbags and a City mode for the steering that increases the electric power steering’s assistance at lower speeds. Among the high-end options being offered for the Adam is an Advanced Park Assist II system, the first time that it will have appeared in a Vauxhall. The system helps to detect a space that the car can squeeze into and then steers the car into it, with the driver controlling the pedals and gearbox. ( source -
  8. The new look is awesome and it has a quality feel to it.Loved it.
  9. Renault has unvieled the 2012 Clio based on the heavily modified existing clio platform.The car borrows elements from renault DeZir concept but some elements like headlight looks like lift from fluidic design and instrument cluster and rear door handle looks to be inspired from General motors Sonic. Overall the car looks stunning is available with 900cc turbo petrol and 1.5 litre diesel giving class leading co2 emission and fuel efficiency figures. A 1.2 litre petrol will also be avaialble. ( source : Autocar UK )
  10. This car is not a Alto/eon replacement but it looks more like A-Star and Estilo replacement.Also if you look closely it appears that it is based on A- star not alto Zee Buisness according to has confirmed that this car is not any Alto replacement but a new car. My views - The front end grille, bumper design is copied from Eon , headlights from Figo , side doors and hatch reminds me of i20 - The question is with ever rising petrol prices will it make a impact or no?
  11. After a Maruti 800 was dethroned from top position by Alto 7 years ago Itt is the now the turn of Alto being dethroned by none other than Swift.As per sales data sales of alto halved compared to march 2012.The new swift is riding on success of its diesel .it remains to see whether this trend will continue or not.Question also arise whether new Maruti 800 should be launched at all?
  12. Can anyone suggest a good multi region blu ray player for under 12,000 rupees?
  13. @ sb_alto - 1. Capacitive screen is way better than oudated resistive screen as you require more pressure to use touch screen in the later 2.AGPS or Assisted GPSit is basicaly GPS which uses intrenet conneion in addition to regular GPS to provide you accrate location.Data charges apply. 3.If you don't payin few hundred rupees extra over your budget of Rs 7Kyou can get Samsung Y S5360 - it costs just Rs7550 ( in Flipkart) and you get benefit of Android 2.3 ( Gingerbread )OS and speed of 830Mhz processor - This phone suits most of your requirements.
  14. Cadillac's answer to BMW is here - Cadillac ATS . It continues Cadillac's art and science theme forward.The caris based on a rear wheel drive Alpha platform and comes loaded with an optional CUE( Cadillac user interface) which is Cadillac answer to iDRIVE system used in BMW.The car also features an lighted door handle a segment first.It is availble as an AWD or rear wheel drive powered by a DI four cylnder or a new 270bhp V6 engine.This car Cadillac claims was ATS was benched mark against E46 3 series. ( Source: Autocar UK and Wikipedia.) GOLF2012-02-09 16:40:07
  15. Symbian Belle is out for Nokia N8 and makes N8 a different phone.No more lags, android like drop down bar , six home screen and unch of ne wallpapers and ringtone.The update is 273 Mb and a PC connection is required. Durango Dude are you listening? Grab your update now and post some more pictures taken from your N8. GOLF2012-02-09 16:24:01
  16. I am not favour of this so called Diesel subsidary tax as people buying Diesel cars don't mind paying intial premium for the car as day to day running cost matters to do them than intial cost. Diesel cars still command premium compared to petrol cars and people still are willing to go that extra mile for diesel car so demand will not decrease , but sales of higher end will be affected as more people will go towards low to mid variants. @Rahul1810 - I am sorry to say OMC are not making any lose its just false informtion .If you see the Indian crude basket we pay more than crude is trading at.And if these comapnies are really losing money why pay credit to airlines in tune of hundreds of crores where as we customer can never given credit it simply does not make any sense.
  17. @drifty - have not decided yet.But most likely Alto as I want a cheap no - nonsense car.Its bit more than my budget though.
  18. I had recently shifted to a new city and was in need for a new car but wanted a cheap car - so decided go for Nano.So booked it from a local dealership in the city.The experience was good and dealership was friendly and I thought delivery will be prompt after seeing the service I recieved. I had paid full amount in advance.The dealership promised delivery within 10 - 12 days.That was the start of the agony , despite repeated calls to dealership , I was given all kind silly excuses and now more excuses and asked me to wait for another 15 - 30 days. This is the sort of experience one has to go through for buying Nano - no wonder why Nano is struggling in sales.Its no irony people think twice in buying a Tata product - Its really sad experience. P.S - due to privacy concern I am not disclosing dealership name and city.
  19. Bought book written by Bob Lutz - Cars Guys vs Bean counters - What a book! I was astonished to learn from the book that former GM head Rick Wagoner was alumni of Harvard Business School - Yet he couldn't save GM despite 10 years in command - what an irony!
  20. Its very bad trendcatching up in our country.First it was booted up hatchbacks a trend started by Tata with Indigio in 2003 , now the trend of launching badge engineered car by VW and Renault.- I am very disappointed indeed. For MSIL bashers who criticzed MSIL for launching old products - why no harsh words for Skoda Rapide or this renault pulse? Badge enginnered cars bring bad name to both the vehicle and company and the history is full of these lacklustre cars to name a few - Cadillac cimarron , a chevrolet based car, 1970s Buick skyhawk based on chevrolet monza fastback. It seems Renault hasn't learned it lesson and is taking Indian customer for granted
  21. GOLF

    Subh Deepawali

    wish you all a Happy Diwali GOLF2011-10-25 11:49:31
  22. What striking workers complained about MSIL is nothing new.It had happened in 1970s in GM factories during construction Chevrolet Vega in 1970s and by British Leyland workers during construction of various new BL products in 1970s.
  23. First it was Nano in Singur in West Bengal ,a state notorious for labour issues and anti industry sentiments.Even 20 years after liberalization nothing changed The reason given at the time was land acquisition from unwilling farmers - okay agreed. Then it was strike in HMSL factory in Gurgoan which turned ugly with workers beaten up.Now relentless strikes in MSIL factories since 5- 6 months with no end in site.Another strike recently occured few weeks back Volvo plant in karnataka.Not to mention countless strikes affecting host of manufacturers - from Hyundai to GM So the question of the day is - Is India losing its sheen and slowly becoming unfriendly place to manufacturer automobiles?