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  1. It is "Land Cruiser with Lexus Package".@ Amg Dont know the year
  2. Yup@ I know that already brother. Was thinking about you only while posting it.
  3. Delete this Thread. (Repeated thread from the same user at the diff section)
  4. Saw this on my fb acc. Looks good and funny! / Good night@ACI
  5. Always Michelin for Long Life!
  6. An outing of luxury sportscar enthusiasts in Japan ended in an expensive freeway pileup
  7. Earlier this year, it was reported that Royal Enfield, India
  8. DD@ The Link redirects to our topic itself.
  9. Your orvm switch should be looking similar to this. But if L+R switch is attached in your door panel, use it to select left and right but direction switch should be similar to this picture. I think so, anyhow give it a try.
  10. Nice click@sarab. I spotted Audi R8 yesterdayin chennai. He stolen my heart with its muffler sound. Still dreaming about those moment while sleeping. Got a rotin work today! Listened the song "why this kolaveri kolaveri di" often, and laughed out louder!
  11. Dude. cadillac CTS is one of the golden piece among luxury rivals. Stretch it to 36lakhs, it worths buying if 38 also. DO NOT COMPARE IT WITH BEEMERS TOO, MY PERSONAL OPENION! Because CADILLAC is FAR AHEAD!Aerospeedcars2011-12-01 17:57:02
  12. Have a look at Profile: collin Spammer (Delete his post from the LInk provided above) Aerospeedcars2011-11-28 13:13:38