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  1. guys well just one question if u had a good autorised service station who was average with the work, no cheating of course. but use of oem lubricants and parts would you go to him or an independent garage who u trust for generations but is not able to get the same lubricants/parts as the company gets. but he (the local garage) gets the parts and lubricants from reputed manufacturers. what will you do if you are in this situation. of course the local garage charges ur 25-30% less than A.S.S.
  2. well my 2 bits of info of putting syn oil and reg mineral oil. frankly i would go as per what the manufacturer recommends. honda doest recommend engine oil/radiator flushing at all. they do not even recommend any liquid additives/cleaners in whatsoever form. so as mr.sgiitk says go by the manual/ and specifications provived by the manufacturer. unless one has a modified ride i would suggest stick to the manual as your bible for the car. regarding using compressed air i havent seen that recommended by any manufacturer. also magnetic oil filters. well if they were good why did not any manufacturer provide it as a standard fitment, just like how honda provides iridium spark plugs on their cars as factory fitment. also my question about extra 200 ml oil added to the engine. is it ok to ride with it or should i asap go and get it rectified?
  3. ok now i have put mobil super hp 10-30 api-SL . the only prolem happened is that he happened to fill in 100-200 ml more than required . i hope it will not cause any problem! how would you rate mobil super engine oil? and is it ok if i overfill by 100~200 ml? will it cause any problem? and if yes can i do so after 100-200 kms of running as i dont have much time to go back to the mechanic.
  4. i know u have been using synthetic but just incase if your car was demanding mineral oil. also the service interval that you specified is for civic, for city its 3 months/5000kms. also will there be any adverse effects on the engine by using this oil? i really like the oil and is suiting to my driving style very much.
  5. hi guys this is my first post in this forum. well i would like to give you a brief description of the history of my car. in 2008 i bought a honda city gxi. now i went ahead with the regular services with honda A.S.S. which i did not like. first it was too far from my place and i was not satisfied with the end result of the work performed. so i started giving my car to my trusted mechanic. i was told by the honda guys that the oil they use in mineral 10w-30 idemitsu engine oil and that it should be changed every 3 months or 5000kms whichever is earlier (this was as per honda norms) . so i asked my mechanic about this oil to which he said that this oil (grade) was not available in the market and he would recommend castrol magnatec 10w-40. not convinced with this i instead brought oil from the US 0w-40 mobil 1 and also some engine flush(dont know the brand). after the said oil change(done at 9800kms) i started having e very rough engine feel. the pick up was not good as the car would stall at signals resulting in heavy clutch usage. i immediately changed the oil to castrol magnatec and the problem of stalling got solved but the engine roughness remained. after driving the car about 3000kms i got fed up and complained this to my mechanic to which he inquired with his parts supplier to which he gave us idemitsu 5w-30 API-SJ engine oil. he said that it was the best oil and was specifically made for sx4 and grand vitara with VVT(as mentioned on the container). he also mentioed that this oil was very rare and was infact cheaper than castrol and was made by savita enterprises under license from idemitsu. well since last 12000kms i have been using it and i am quite happy with the specific grade. now to my horror i happened to read my honda manual and came to know that honda recommeds minimum api-SL GRADE OIL . should i change the grade of the oil and buy shell helix ultra 5w-40 from india or mobil 1 0w-40(available in india/made in malaysia) or castrol edge 5w-40 or motul 8100excess 5w-40, as all this oils are API-SM and the best available in the market. please advice me on this as its giving me sleepless nights.