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  1. and had it cross checked with another ford dealership and two local mechanics all were of the same opinion
  2. so went to the Ford service station and they said it is fine and there is no problem. No need to drain and flush the system. And importantly they said that as the quantity of petrol is less it should not give problem. Also the fact that the car drove for 80kms after that and nothing happened, if was to happen then it would have the initial few kilometers. So they advised to keep the tank half filled at all times for next 1000km and not to rev it high.
  3. So I was driving this Ford Feista and the tank was low about 7-8 liters of diesel so I pull into a gas station and told the attendant to fill petrol as the car I drive is petrol, this dad's car which I rarely use. About 3liters went in when I realized that it is Diesel car. Stopped it and the station mechanic advised to fill it up with Diesel so we filled it up with 17liters of Diesel. He said as it was a small amount of petrol is should be fine, but I am worried. Need help, what am I looking at? Would the car be fine? Oh and drove 80kms after that as I was in the middle of nowhere and had to get to the city. The car ran fine it did not seem to miss a beat to me.