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  1. overpriced by atleast a lakh for the city, i think, if not more for other models
  2. on the road in real times i think fuel efficiency will b e similar although u can fit rear parking sensors,rear camera, bluetooth,alloys, aftermarket, these features of the verna score over the city,as some of them cant be fitted afterwards bigger 16 inch tyres....the city has small tires which squeal if u like to corner fast and hard. fog lamps , which although too can be fitted after market, are offered only in the v mt model of city, which is obscenely costly interiors, the Verna sx and sx o 's interiors are massively superior over city;s interiors full automatic climate control with ionizer, the ac cleans itself with ions electrochromic rear view mirror, blocks off the high beams from rear vehicles, i don't know whether this is too an after market fitment auto door unlock in case of accidents, this can be a life saving feature , which is missing in city, don't think this can be retro fitted rear disc brakes, standard in all Verna, absent in city, and Verna scores massively on braking front . cooled glove box- if u like to keep water/drinks along the way where the city scores over Verna rear seat of city is the most spacious in its segment, Verna,although spacious too, has low seating so u sit on a lower level and hence need to exert more while getting up from it, with little under thigh support in verna handling of the city, although nothing close to vento or fiesta, is still better than Verna, which is improved too, but still some people call it boat like high speed manners of the city are better, over 130 kmh city remains well panted while verna gets little nervous owing to super soft suspension which otherwise is a pleasure while traveling in city roads in the end u need to know whether ur buying this car for pure city driving then Verna is much better if u plan to go on highways, then city if ur monthly running is more than 1000 km/h , close ur eyes and rule out city for petrol costs, and decide between Verna diesel or vento diesel i find it really amusing people recommending city e mt and asking people to fit the required features after market ok lets do that and see how it comes out the emt comes around at around 9 lakhs on the road. add to this a reverse camera of decent company,another 5-10 k, Bluetooth stereo another 5-25k depending on ur need and requirement. reverse parking sensors come around in a simlar band of 3-10 k , depending on quality e mt doesn't has fog lamps, has spartan seat upholstery, both of which push up the retro fit cost much more. even if u dont have the fog lamps,improved seat covers, or alloys in ur plan of after market fittings, this retrofitting will atleast cost u anywhere between 10-40 k , depending on how much u put in, and this will push ur total investment to around 9.3-9.5 lakhs for this much at 9.2-9.3 lakhs, u get the verna sx vvt petrol, which not only packs in alloys,fog lamp,s cooled glove box,electrochromic mirror, auto door unlock lock, integrated music system, Bluetooth steering controls with remote,auto door lock ,chrome handles, etc. so it doesn't make sense at to spend around nine lakhs for a base version city, then go looking for after market fitments, whose overall reliability and long term endurance any day cannot match company fitted features, even if in honda or any other brand you can even go for the 1.6 vvt petrol verna at 8.5 lakhs, it will still give u 16 inch tyres, fog lamps, one air bag, auto door unlock , bluetooh stereo withremote.,automatic climate control, rear parking sensors,abs.ebd and remember Hyundai always has the better ass and cheaper spares of the two , so it makes sense for u to opt for the verna in petrol and decide between verna and vento in diesels. Due to the content of the post it is not being deleted. You are warned - no sms lingo, proper capitalisation, read the rules. MODS sgiitk2011-06-03 09:14:16
  3. wait for the new punto then, a hotter , both outside and inside, face lifted punto is coming out soon still i will recommend u , the new swift diesel, if u have no problems with its looks, its the best d hatch when it comes out it will be bigger by 90 mm, face lifted too , so will look better, console and plastics too improved, and swift diesel will have least turbo lag amongst all cars so its best for city driving, also handling of swift and its engine is unparalleled, i would any day buy a swift d hatch if i have to if u want more space inside, more features, and more vfm, then titanium figo is the best d hatch in that way,only nooks is when u load the car with 5 people its ride goes for a toss, it scrapes the road ,then overall swift,titanium figo,i20/fabia that order.....fabia is most spacoius of all cars, also has the best built, but costly spares and ass, i20 has something of everything, features,space,beautiful console and interiors. in space fabia,figo, i20, punto, swift,polo driving pleasure swift,polo,fabia,figo,i20,....haven't driven the punto so cant xay handling swift,polo,fabia,figo,i20 ride quality polo,fabia,swift,i20,figo vfm and cheapest and most reliable ass,spares,low maintenance swift,i20,figo,fabia/polo/ and skoda have the most unreliable after sales so inquire in ur area about these if u plan to buy the punto or polo build quality fabia,punto,polo,i20, swift also, of these cars, the i20 and polo are i think 5 star ncap rating on safety, so do look in, even the new swift will be 5 star ncap rating...... drive all these cars minimum twice, for at least 10 kms, take your whole family for the td, after all the test drives, ask yourself and your family, and decide accordingly, as the collective decision is the best way keep everyone happy........ hope this helps
  4. within 7 lakh,s the best car overall is the etios g sp it has abs,double airbags, cooled glove box, it comes at 6.8 lakhs offers the space of c segment-er like city, a 1500 cc engine that is super peppy , the car is very fast, and Toyota backing of service is as good as maruti, the ride quality is terrific, handling is amazing too only downside is interior plastics and central console, if that is not a matter ,go for this car, ultimate value for money, it will give a great sedan experience rather going for a premium hatch like i20, punto grande etc. among the hatches in petrol maruti swift/maruti Ritz....these are the best most racy,well powered value for money fabia 1.6, most well powered car, low on vfm, high on quality polo 1.6 if its there, will be well powered diesel hatches are not very much vfm apart from swift diesel, and polo diesel, fabia and i20 are great diesels but very costly why don't u try micra diesel, i find it to best diesel hatch , great mix of power, features and premium car. only thing is its looks, which some don't like , i do like , and its untested after sales.
  5. bornfree, dear tiger, i myself am in the process of finalizing a sedan , albeit a petrol one, but i did some crunching on the diesels too diesel engines are all about fuel efficiency and that thwack of a super torquey engine as its the c segment is getting hotter every minute, the diesel segment , is catching fire pretty fast you have missed out some great options , will talk bout them later, but lets get to ur choice of 3 cars VENTO- PROs best built among the 3, smoothest ride amongst 3 torque king among the 3 better drive-ability at lower speeds, comparatively lesser turbo lag amongst 3 cons- no usb support, worst rear view visibility which is a deal killer for a hard manoeuvring driver like me, MOST UNPREDICTABLE ass and only 47 dealer network - please find out the experience in your city costlier spares amongst the 3 plain vanilla dash and exteriors in my opinion VERNA - PROS the most preferred diesel before vento came in brand image hyundai, good ass cons driving dynamics worst road presence amongst the 3 SX4- pros Maruti ASS and maintenance- best of all the 3 180/190 mm gc,- if ur gonna take ur d beast into villages or bad city roads this is the one for u cheapest spares - if u have a ripped driving style , ur d beast will need some , and maruti will ensure u dont burn a hole too big WHAT I WANT TO ADD IS some cars, or let me say diesel beasts ,which u have missed out in this segment OPTRA MAGNUM TCDI - PROS- mind blowing engine, i personally found it to be the best till vento came out super torque at very low rpms , least Turbo lag, u wont feel the need to shift gears or wait for a higher rpm to get that super pulling power MAXIMUM CABIN SPACE- offers almost d segment space at c segment price biggest car of all the above option cons some say optra might be discontinued, i am not sure parts and maintenance an issue old model , and the quirks associated with it HYUNDAI VERNA RB ALL NEW 265 nm of torque- class leading torque will beat vento when this comes out exteriors look like city mated with old verna-spanking looks and awesome 120 improvised interiors new built and improved ride quality Hyundai ass and maintenance better than Volkswagen many times over cons- yet to be launched, new product, hence untested FIAT LINEA MULTI JET 1.6 (0 upcoming) i know u have disliked fiat and all the negatives about fiat, even i loved the turbojet linea petrol the most, but ruled it out because of this but think about this 300 NM of torque will be the segment leader once it comes out pros and cons u would know, but in terms of driving pleasure i think this baby will thrash everyone, be it Verna at 265 nm , vento at 250, or optra to sum this up I WOULD SUGGEST TO ATLEAST WAIT FOR THE verna rb, it will upstage vento , i am sure of this vento will last the longest of all these,.it will have the best built of all , even after all these come out, some might say linea is super built , but both can equal , if not markedly different if u plan to keep ur best for 5 years or less, even optra is not a bad option ,given what it offers, its engine is earth shattering acc to a magazine, and my friend who has it swears by its experience, if u can forget fiats negatives then the fiat is going to be the king of diesels, linea 1.6 mjd> verna rb>vento >sx4 if u dont want to wait,,VENTO >optra magnum>verna> sx4 well if Ur going for a car that serves u A NO tension point to point , city dwelling , sedate driving experience THEN SX4> VENTO> OLD VERNA if ur looking for a driving pleasure , premium , plush experience- vento.old verna> sx4 the latter might change once the new verna linea come out, might be linea/verna>vento then hope this helps
  6. currently, its mid april, yes i am waiting for the fiesta, but what about the vento!!!!1 do u think gambling on Volkswagen would be wise given its very thin dealer network only 47 dealers all across? maintenance would be costly, but as i am not driving much , it wont make a big difference, my only concern is that vento should last out 10-15 years, as i wont be buying after this, any idea how the petrol vento is? does it measure up to the city in terms of sheer acceleration? will be tding it from another dealer, later this week, as of now, its back to sx4 vs city vs etios vs vento hovering in my mind, etios has all the practicality of the bigger cars , especially for intra city drives, it has the smoothest clutch of all fours, very sprint friendly engine, although it lacks the interiors and premium which the others offers do u think low kerb weight of etios 930 kgs is a safety issue? some people used to call qualis as tin box when it came out, but it turned out to be the one of the saferst cars on road, apart from being a joy to drive, can anyone tell me about this myth of low kerb weight = low safety
  7. do u think Honda would go for a price cut? when evone is hiking prices i doubt that would happen as far as the new fiesta and Verna, i belive the fiesta is more of a driving pleasure car isnt it? the petrol verna isnt said to be a joy my friend who has a ford, swears by the fiesta, saying its much better tan city in driving pleasure, although i find the city to be a complete package even the new fiesta is cramped on space, the rest being upgraded, , will wait till may , verna is expected around june perhaps, don't think it could be a force to knock out city or fiesta as far swift is concerned, i never liked it, despite everything about its engine. found the rears too cramped, otherwise its a cracker of a car
  8. city is at the red line end of my budget lol, am thking of the smt version, can i get fog lamps fitted later on? how much would they cost??? allow wheel and chrome plated handles are simplyyy show off , can do without that too , also what wud cost of fog lamps or alloy wheels for a car like etios , and for a car like city?? sx4 i have ruled out , as not all who who drive in my family like its rear visibility, and some of them also a pillar too obstructive, although i am fine with both, plus i dont like the rear body roll , got tossed around when i was sitting behind and the car rep was driving at low speeds, dont know what wud happen at high speeds
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  10. hello friends my family is looking forward to buy a hatch and sedan both , and after considerable research and test drives i have shortlisted the ones below hatch- ritz, punto , wagon r , figo sedan - sx4, city, etios requirements SAFETY- as in build quality, ability to withstand crashes SPACE PURE ACCELERATION/driving pleasure SMOOTH RIDE QUALITY LOW M MAINTENANCE COST SUSPENSION THAT CAN LAST LONG, REALLY LONG some queries ETIOS-11) although in a different segment, the etios appealed the most to me, as i drive mostly in the city, and i found its clutch to be the lighterst and most fun to be with, 2) space was king in this car, found it as roomy as the city or in fact more 1) plastics are as pathetic as my almost 20 yr old maruti , with poor window gaps and plastic quality , doesnt look like a 7 lac sedan , dzire and manza certainly beter here 2) build quality- although many claim toyota to have the best build qualty , i founf etios to be very tin like, maybe the thought of 930 kgs running on my mind, bhu didnt have that prtoected feel inside do u think the GSP version with airbags, but no audio system or tachometer is more value than the V mdoel which has the above 2 , apart from fog lamps, defogger, chrome ac vents and inserts, alloy wheels, and is almost 70 K more costly than the g sp model , i live in delhi and have fog on atleast 10-20 days a year, HONDA CITY welll well everything about it, what can i say , the king of the c segment, even after its sales have plummeted , i still think this is the best car in its segment on all the above parameter i have listed , except for build quality and ground clearance, at 9,40 lac for the s version it surely strains my hard earned bucks, plus has no alloys , fog lamps SX4 BUILD boy, i love the shape, contrary to many who dont, and i think in a crash this wud the best of all the sedans, barring a german like vento, what say? GC is again tops, with value for money at 8.20 for zxi , not much i could think of , a little less refinedness with noise engine over 80 kmh , and somewhat less glamourous plastics, difficult to park and rear visibility FUEL EFFICIENCY .RESALE are not issues , i drive very less PART COSTS and maintenance are, as i have tendency to bump and scratch i have no clue about the hatches, i found them all comparable P.S- i am not looking for swift , for its low interior space Volkswagen polo , a great car, but 3 cylinder ed like my old m800, does that make a big difference?" figo appears the best bet, but ihave heard of bad stories of ford maintenance, and v high part costs punto , gave me the max driving pleasure as did the ritz, but evone tells me about fiat ass and ritz bad design , of which i dont mind the design . the car is a great one SHOULD I WAIT FOR? - the new FIESTA SEDAN AND HATCH? will both of them be the power BHP kings of their segments and offer the best driving experience? or should i go for etios and ritz as i have planned?????? i am really worried how etios will shape up given its new car status, will it safe in a crash given its low weight, also i don't see a metal plate on the undersurface of the etios does that change anything? i am mostly a city driver and i think for city driving etios might be better than honda for its lovely clutch? as far as hatches. i loved the i20 , but have been warned about high maintenance waiting for ur suggestions the etios looks better than dzire manza , so manza i have ruled out completely apart from vento petrol for its 47 dealer and untested ass, and fiat plainly for its ass and suspect long term ownership niggles. Post edited: Emoticon usage restricted.BornFree2011-04-08 14:33:49