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  1. For the last few weeks, I have started noting that both the front wheels of my i20 Asta are coated with a thin layer of oil. This was apparent because it accumulates lots of dust and the alloys look all dull. The frount wheels have disc brakes. The car comes with ABS with EBD. Any clue why would it be leaking oil?
  2. One quick quetion on the 1.1. Vs 1.3 while I was looking out to buy a second hand Getz 1.3. The second hand dealer (who would be the best person to comment to resale value) said 1.3 will start loosing its resale value after the launch of 1.1, because Getz has always suffered from the issue of low mileage. 1.1 will give better mileage than 1.3. So don't go in for a 1.3 in second hand market, was his advice. Thoughts?
  3. Though it may not fir my budget, but I am very much tempted between a Swift and a Getz. I think they are the best available in their range.
  4. On the topic of second hand car dealers, what do you guys think about True Value and Auto Mart kind of organized dealers. I am sure they would be more expensive, but is it worth for the peace of mind you get?
  5. Question: When the car value depreciates so rapidly, is it advisable to go in for a new car? I know there are emotions attached to buying a new car, but if you have to trust your head and not the heart, what would you do? Would there be a golden period to buy a car, which would be weighing the condition of the car (driven by how old is the car and its running) Vs the price of the car? Just a thought
  6. Will a Swift fit my budget? I was just checking out its features. VXi sounds pretty good. The brand new costs 4.25. Can I get an used one for below 3?
  7. Thanks for all the inputs guys. Any thoughts over going diesel?
  8. Well all the 3 cars listed by you might struggle on resale 2 years down the line.
  9. Hello, i drive a Maruti 800. I wish to upgrade to a B segment second had car now. My budget is around 2.5 lacs (stretch would be 3 lacs). My selection criteria are as follows: 1. The car should not be more than 3-4 years old. This is to ensure that it won't need any immediate major expenses, like changing the parts at the company recommended intervals. 2. The car should seat 5 people comfortably, meaning 3 adults on the back seat. 3. The car should have power steering and power windows (both front and back) 4. The car should have an effective AC (this is an issue with smaller engines like the 800) 5. The car will be having approximately 45 km of daily run, mix of highway and city. It won't be used much for weekend get-aways. 6. The mileage should be ok enough, maybe 10 kmpl 7. The car should get a descent resale value after maybe 2 years (again, hit hard on the resale value for the 800) Can you please suggest the possible options I might have? Thanks, Nikhil