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  1. The Fluence is a good looking car and the largest in its class by size. Looks are good but interiors are a bit weak in quality compared to Honda & Skoda. Also the Renault dealers network which has handled the Logan till date will really have to give customers something to look to with the Fluence since it will really try and establish Renault as a brand in India again. Also the Fluence has been priced right about to drag customers to the showroom to have a look at it atleast so lets hope for the best possible outcome in Renaults favour.
  2. Camry will have a tough time with the competition when it is launched. Will have to up its game if it is to survive the competition. Bt lets wait and watch.
  3. THE SUPERB'S HOME................... Well all the above emoticons are for the new car, rather than the final decision taken by the family and most of all the final decision taken by my father based on all the criteria's presented to him. I wanted the Passat, but the man who will be spending most of his time in the back seat made the final decision. Hoots to the new car and i will post my driving impressions soon......... Thank You all of you for the help and everything that i required in bringing the new car home. Thank You once again.............. Cheers !!!!!
  4. All right. Considering every person i know has been telling me to buy the Passat, i will consider this suggestion. Also my Dads friend is getting his Passat delivered in the Comfortline trim on Wednesday. Will have a detailed look on the drive and features and get back as soon as possible with the report.
  5. Sorry for the late update people. Just came back from Mumbai and on request to the office, i had a Mercedes C Class to go to Mumbai and the Skoda Superb 2.0 TDi to come back to Pune. My review for the C Class is that after travelling to Mubai non-stop from Pune, first thing i wanted was to get out of the car and stretch my legs. Ride was excellent a la Mercedes. ( Definetly better than the Superb no doubt.) but the whole time i felt the driver was having a better time than me, even though i am being chauffeur driven. It did turn more heads and give you a vague sense of being important stepping in and out of the car in public glare. I drove the car in Mumbai and yes it is great to drive as well. Then the next day I had a fresh Superb at my disposal to go to Pune. First thing I noticed is the massive size of the car and that is carried over to the interior as well. Acres of legroom behind and build quality just a level behind the Mercedes. The ride quality a bit harder than the Merc and also the interiors are a little bit under the Mercs rich feel interiors. But the best sense of buying the car is that it really is nice to be chauffeur driven in it. The driver is sitting where he needs to be and you sit behind with a sense of owning the car and letting the driver do his job. The car is nice and comfortable and is also good looking and large enough in proportions to turn heads. The ride back was comfortable and i did not feel cramped or have to want to get out of the car to stretch my legs as ou can literally sleep on the floor of the car as it does offer enormous legroom. End result i am now knocked out between buying a Mercedes and Passat/Superb. Hormazd has suggetsted to go for the passat or Superb seeing my needs. But to say the least i am inclined a bit towards the Superb.
  6. The on road Mumbai Price - no point in going for the baseline so Passat Comfortline 27.5 lac, Passat Highline 29.8 lac. Skoda Superb 1.8 Tsi Dsg - 22.91 lac, 2.0 Tdi dshg - 26.5 lac. Skoda Laura fully loaded - 2.0 Laura L&K Tdi - 20.8 lac. My suggestion - skoda superb diesel - Brand, Car & presence all served out in one great package. Awesome car to drive as well as be chauffeur driven in. Go for it. besides for an SUV you can go for the facelifted Captiva due anytime now. Bmw X1 - dont go for the petrol. On road Bmw X1 - Petrol base version - 26.4 lac. & the diesel model is 28.4 lacs. Consider the Fortuner once but overall its your choice on the SUV front. Fortuner on road will cost you around 24 lacs max same as an Outlander fully loaded will. Consider these options and post your reply soon.
  7. Listen to me man. i have an experience of this whole situation and was as confused as you in the hatchback segement. i had waited for the polo for three months prior to it being available individually since Auto Expo 2010 Delhi. then I got the First hand look at the car in march when i was supposed to buy a hatch in Jan itself. Still i waited till March for this car. Then the guy who was showing me the Polo for the first time made me sit in the back seat and was i surprised. No room absolutely. That is why i went for the Fabia initially and have no regrets in this decision. people say Skoda aftersales are a bummer and i completely agree. But The way you drive the car and take care of it matters the most. Skoda is getting better and I am not saying this blankly but because i own both the Fabia and The Laura. Btw The Skoda brand is under the VW group so no qualms in quality or so but the VW range is a tad bit better in design and quality no doubt. Engines are shared so dont worry about that front. Still considering your budget it makes more sense to go for a sedan and The Linea & Vento are the best out there in recent times. Thjough i would advise you t stretch the timeline of buying the car till May end for the fiesta & Hyundai Verna new models to come out so you have a better choice.
  8. In general i am still confused but have shortened the list down to the fully loaded Passat and The MErcedes C-Class. Will talk to Hormazd tomorrow on Ask Autocar Anything around 5 p.m. to clear out a few things. The expert opinion will finally help my decision i suppose.Thank You guys for all the help, will keep you posted in the process.
  9. The S60 offers excellent safety, touted as the safest car in India and has excellent build quality and features. Only drawback is the dealer network. Do you think that the Volvo dealer network and their sales will goup in the future for India.
  10. Ok. As you say i will put all of them on par with each other now and not look at the bling quotient. Also Will consider looking at a pre-owned 5-series or A6. Any idea on whether to go for the Volvo S60. Its a great car as well.
  11. I waited for the Polo for three months from January 2010 till March 2010 but when i looked at the rear seat and the space it offered i did not go for it. I got the Fabia with a Petrol engine. Nice build and a solid car. But my basic priority was city driving and the performance did not matter. If u are going for the diesel then consider the new Fabia with the same engines as in the Polo.
  12. Already done. It makes more sense to buy the Passat, Superb and the Teana for the space and their perfect value for money, especially the new Passat. But the prospect of going into the bling segment by spending a few lac extra seems tempting. Nothing turns heads like a Mercedes with its huge logo on the grill.
  13. The Teana was awarded the best interiors in a lot of countries for its class but the Nissan batch still has a lot of work to do on customer support etc... I am looking at Diesels since my running is quite a lot on the highway and plan to sell the car in 3 years time.
  14. The best in class space is offered by the A4 according to the numbers and stats. But since you say that the A4 is also cramped i am a bit comprehensive about these cars now. What about the S60? i have had a look and loved it for its back seat and features. It costs from 33 -- 41 lac.
  15. i cannot exceed the 35 lac margin. The A6 & 5 series base models cost 41-42 lac on road.
  16. The A4 3.0 tdi retails at 41 lac on road with the quattro and everything. The 2.0 tdi costs 34.5 on road in Pune. I like the Audi for the styling and since all the cars i am looking at are German i am a bit confused about the selection as to what criteria to consider to finalize one. And i dont think the Passat will garner the status and attention for the owner that any of the BMW, Merc or Audi's do.
  17. I have owned a Skoda Laura since the last three years and plan to upgrade to a upper segment car. I have a budget of 35 lac and basic criteria for the car selection is space and comfort. the car will be chauffeur driven mostly. My running is both highway and in city. Skoda Laura running - 65000 in three years. Hence the maintainability and running costs should also be reasonable. Cars that i have shortlisted - Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class facelift, New Passat, Skoda Superb and The Volvo S60. I don't like the 3-series, it is very cramped. Post edited. Thread moved: ACI-Support.BornFree2011-04-11 16:01:21