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  1. The airbag module failed.
  2. Thanks for your advise. My husband had earlier posted on the wall of Nissan Micra FB page. Due to fear of loosing fans they blocked his postings on their nissan FB pages.
  3. Eight months back I purchased NISSAN MICRA XV and it turned out to be one of the worst decisions in my life. Since second day of purchase the defects in the car started surfacing. Serious defects like airbag malfunction,both front seat belts mechanism locking up, fuel gauge indicating incorrect display etc.etc.The most hazardous defect - engine fails to stop on pressing stop button. Unbelievable- all these defects surfaced within just 2500 kms of use and car has been in Nath dealer most of time. To add to that the unprofessional and high headed attitude of Nissan and Hoover (partners of nissan for sales/service) makes it impossible for customer to be heard. Communications made to top officiasl of Nissan and Hoover were in vein. Till date they are shying away from informing the reasons for such serious failures and what rectifications have been done. Due to lack of confidence in their product they are not undertaking that these defects would not resurface.The car in not in use.I am fighting this battle to get back my hard earned money back.