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  1. Doesn't Tata Safari have 15Mm (15000Km) as service period? I'm not sure though. opendro2009-01-09 08:13:09
  2. Hi FRG, just wondering why ACI managed Linea MJD to do 0-100 in more than 15 secs. ACI reports 6.1 secs for 0-60. Then 9 secs from 60-100 or almost 5 seconds from 80-100 is poor driving according to me. ACI reports that Linea MJD would pull strongly to 5000rpm in first and second gear, which means, it is very quick upto 63.8 (= 12.76 * 5) kmph. At 63.8kmph, the rpm if we have to shift to third gear will be 3236rpm (= 63.8 / 19.72). Linea MJD torque falls to half of the peak by 4750rpm and there is hardly any rpm left after 3236rpm and not a good gear if racing till 100. Moreover, Linea MJD's 4th gear ratio is so close to the third and at 63.8kmph, the engine torque in 4th gear would be almost 200Nm at 2300rpm (= 63.8 / 27.75). In fact, Linea would accelerate better in 4th gear than 3rd gear if the third gear is going beyond 4250rpm, because the loss in engine torque in 3rd gear is so much compared to the gear ratio in 4th gear and corresponding engine torque in the 4th gear. In other words, beyond 83kmph, 4th gear would accelerate better than 3rd gear in Linea. If there is any benefit of acceleration time in third gear from 64-83kmph, that benefit would be lost to an imminent gear change to 4th gear after 83kmph. The best 0-100 or 0-120 in Linea MJD should be done in this fashion: 1st gear till 4750rpm i.e. till 32kmph 2nd gear till 4750rpm i.e. till 61kmph 4th gear upto 130kmph for best 0-130 timing for best 0-X, where X > 130, shift to 5th gear earlier at 115kmph (i.e. at around 4300rpm), because 5th gear is also very close to 4th gear ratio and we don't have another 6th gear to jump from the 4th gear red line.
  3. 1. How many people can be seated? Can three be seated in the back? 2. What is the boot space? Will my big suitcase (read as the one Indians take to US ) fit in? 3. What is the ground clearance? Very important for our roads and bumps.
  4. ... CRDI was not Hyundai's own product! Exactly. Modern common rail diesel engines were a result of research by Fiat Group and later bought and patented by Robert Bosch. The rests are alterations and different names.
  5. Why do you rely so much on such poll results when one can vote innumerable times? I can go and submit N number of times.
  6. To my knowledge, the only extra thing that ANHC could have is the trip computer. But I heard from different rumors that Linea will also have a trip computer. Other than trip computer, Linea has far more features than ANHC.
  7. Automatic cars are not popular in India because in India people pay per kilo or per feet length So, for the same car (meaning dimensions and brand), people will not be willing to pay for a technology that adds up cost (diesel engine being exception because of subsidized diesel price). Things are changing though.
  8. You need to be more specific to "what advantage" are you talking about? Some dumb people have this habit of coming up with minimum kilometers to be run to own a diesel car, without even knowing what is the highest priority of the buyer. If the priority of the buyer is low running cost, then only this minimum kilometers come into picture. I agree that many people buy diesel car for this reason alone, but too much of assuming is not correct in such technical auto forums. People buy diesel cars for other reasons. For example, if I were to prefer Verna diesel to petrol diesel, it would be high torque, modifiable engine (digital tuning, Petes box, etc.), low running cost (as many other would). When I say, low running cost, it is just not the subsidized diesel, but also the fuel efficiency of diesel engines even when driven hard. If I were to buy a petrol, it could be because of smoother drive (in term of NVH), better power band (if not worried about fuel bill), cheaper initial cost, etc.
  9. I remember reading that Chevrolet Cruze will be named Cruze only throughout the world. If it is named differently in Korea, it is surprising.
  10. For the looks department, it should sell as it looks like the old Honda CRV. I think it is mainly because people are ignorant of cars and thus they just go together and continue to buy what they are used to buying.
  11. I'm guessing that Fiat is going to give us better performance engine options and thus the delay.
  12. Will Nano replace the autos? I wish it does, so that we will see less smokes. The real answer lies with the Bajaj. They might slash the price of auto rickshaws so that it will still be lucrative compared to Nano. Otherwise, we might see more Nano replacing auto. Fuel efficiencies are almost the same (if run with petrol). Nano engine will not require lubrication oil to be mixed with petrol, which will further bring down the running cost. But the only negative factor against Nano are its doors. Auto-rick does not have a door and it makes a lot easier for them to pick and drop commuters. I will not be surprised if the transport owners remove the door just to facilitate
  13. That is incorrect assumption. For someone whose budget is 1.5L, another 1 lakh extra is a huge amount. And moreover, people with this kind of budget will start looking at what extra the alto has and all that. In any case, I bet Nano will sell in numbers never heard of.
  14. Yeah. Another observation I have seen. Those who have bought diesel car just because they expect longer yearly runs, they end up running more kilometers thereby spending more on fuel and maintenance, whereas the same person would have run much lesser if they had purchased a petrol one. The point is that you never break even because petrol guy is never going to run that many kilometers if his head always does this calculation and thus he is going to save a lot more by buying petrol car. It is like you end up spending more money when there are huge discounts than what you would actually spend when there is no discount at all!!! Surprising how people's brain works.
  15. I don't know when people will stop seeing diesel car as an option only when you have a run of longer distances. Just see petrol engine and diesel engine as different engines, I mean, just like you see different petrol engines in different cars. You reason out which one is of your liking and what is the worthiness of it. Getting different fuel bills is just one parameter. There are enough cars where diesel counterpart is cheaper than petrol when the petrol engine is a good one. Would you still do the arithematics of when the cost of ownership will cut even? It just does not make sense. Even when petrol engine is not well spec'ed compared to the diesel counterpart, if you still think that petrol is the one that gives you the pleasure of driving (less NVH, power band, less maintenance, blah blah), then one should just buy the petrol. If one loves the diesel for whatever reason, just go for the diesel. If we always talk about prices breaking even, no one will buy any other car than Maruti Omni, because no other car price will break even with the Omni. I hope people get the point.