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  1. Post deleted: Contentless one-liner. BornFree2011-04-17 14:04:28
  2. a carb mixes right proportions of air and fuel before injecting it into the engine order to generate power and you got a carb form a 150cc bike to a 350cc bike?!?!?! Thats pretty much stupid because it will work according to pulsar not bullet.
  3. Both are decent bikes but karizma ZMR isnt that good as its preceeders. Go for zmr or R15 is also good if you want sports bike but if you go to gym or have a decent build then RE 350 should be your first preference as it is strong and elegant.
  4. Post deleted: Meaningless single-liner. Thread Locked.BornFree2011-04-17 14:06:25
  5. Post deleted: SMS/Slang is strictly prohibited on the Board. You are advised to go through the Board Rules & Regulations before proceeding any further. BornFree2011-04-17 14:08:48
  6. Hmmmm... i think that guy cheated me coz its not possible to have exact 800 figure. But still, i will check it.
  7. Well i was asking because a guy charged me Exact Rs.800 to fill my tank when it was showing 3 bars! I couldn't see the reading coz they had a table in front of that and a truck by the side to i had to get it filled on right side of the pump. I was 90% sure that he cheated and when i asked how much petrol u filled, he said its gone now, he cant see it anymore.
  8. Post deleted: Off-topic. BornFree2011-04-16 04:08:40
  9. Well recently i bought a pulsar 150cc (2009 model) and wanted to check its average and got the tank filled completely (asked someone else to do so). Now my tank (main, not reserve) got empty at 453 km and i am wondering whats the main tank's capacity? It says 15 litres (3.2l reserve, 2l usable) on websites. Does it means - 11.8l tank +3.2l reserve? or 15 + 3.2l reserve = 18.2L??? PLZ HELP ME FAST. I am in big tension!!!?!?!