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  1. It has been there on the website from 20 days . Anyways thank u for the information
  2. ? Doc Saab' date=' any updates regarding this? The launch, the pricing? [/quote'] Check the official website . They have updated the prices of the new toyota innova and fortuner . If i am not wrong they were launched the day the expo started .
  3. Anyone here has booked a swift and waiting for it count me in
  4. I have booked the swift zdi white colour yesterday . The dealer told me that he can deliver the car in august . He told me that he can give me by june if there were any cancellations in the bookings .
  5. A Very Happy New Year . Hope Everyone Has A BRIGHTFULL Year A Head .
  6. hyundai verna is the best option for you . ford fiesta has good automatic transmission but its more expensive and verna looks lot better
  7. Great catch man . The interiors are very good . Hope i make 50 lakhs soon to buy this one
  8. XUV500 is the best . There is no car close to it . Great work Mahindra
  9. @doctor Do you have any idea when the hyundai will be launching the new i20
  10. Post deleted: SMS Lingo & salutations not allowed. BornFree2011-08-31 17:15:43
  11. Many of u might be aware of the competition going on in twitter for jetta . Its a compettion in which who ever have the highest points will get a new jetta car . i m in the lead at the end of 2 days but i need support from u guys to win the car This is my profile link!/iamlakky open it and retweet all the tweets saying ' anything4jetta " . There might be around 200 tweats so please spare your 5 minutes of valauble time to help me secure the car of my dreams
  12. this is link you can all check in it for the news . This is the official website i think for the verna from now
  13. Forgot to menton the model number rcd 510 the 6 cd changer
  14. Hii ashikawa do you have any idea like where can we get these music systems and if we get it from ebay because i have seen them put to auction there do they work on vento because vento is not avaible in another countries .
  15. Hi people . My question might look a little bit odd but i always had a doubt about this insurance . I am in China so i donot get any answers here as they speak in chineese and i donot know a bit . So my question is what does an insurance cover ? Are all the insurances the same . What type of accidents apply to it ? If we donot have insurance is it a problem ?? Thread moved.BornFree2011-05-10 14:15:57
  16. hi guys i was waiting some one could reply to my post . If possible can anyone give me a suggestion to clear all my doubts
  17. If u prefer for more in car entertainment i suggest u go for i20 . If u wanna have a nice firm ride go for fabia u know skoda has the cars with best handling (heard skoda is improving their service ) . When i am inside i20 it gave me a rich appeal because of the interiors and all . That my suggestion
  18. Thanq all for your valuable suggestions . Now after seeing the new verna i have planed to raise my budget . The video review just blew my mind . So opinions guys do you all think the new verna is gonna be worthfull ? . Any suggestions buying a hatch back and saving some money is use good rather than going for verna . I checked vento its great but it has no bluetooth connectivity and no ipod connection so suggestions please
  19. May his soul rest in peace
  20. you need to increase your budget man to get a good sedan
  21. Hii ashikawa Congrats on your new car . It looks great . Can i know how is the rear leg room . how does seating the back feel . do share your valuble opinion
  22. So guys can you finally tell me which one to go for . Because we have Chauffeur . we travel around 3000 kms and it too most on highways . So we will be seating in the back seats so which car can give me a better smooth ride and how about i20 ?
  23. Thank you all for your suggestions I dont drive the car I prefer rare seat we have a driver and I travel around 3000 kms a month . But in the auto car india latest magazine they were saying the fabia is the segment leader with the price slash . so do you guys think I should go for polo ? Can anyone say me which car has more legroom Post Edited: SMS Lingo/Slang is strictly prohibited on the Board. Post in proper English. Consider this as the last Warning.BornFree2011-04-17 12:21:27
  24. Post deleted: SMS/Lingo/Slang is strictly prohibited on the Board. BornFree2011-04-16 18:50:40
  25. Hii guys can u all tell me which one to but . because i m way confused of selecting which one to buy . My budget is 8 lakhs . I prefer a diesel engine . Can anyone tell me should i go for a sedan or a higher end hatch back . If any other suggestions of cars u can add . Skoda elegance or Polo higline or i20 astra . My main preference is safety and a comfort ride . Can u suggest me picking higher end for a hatch back is preferebale or not . Thank u for ur help Note from ACI-Support: Search existing threads with regards to your query. Posting in sms lingo/slang is strictly prohibited on the Board. Such posts are deleted promptly & member Banned. Thread moved.BornFree2011-04-16 11:20:54