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  1. im having a serious problem with my air con. i have replaced my fan two times and it cost more than 14k. but now my car is out of warrenty and a/c is still giving me a lot problems... it just seems like im sitting under a cooler. Plz take my vote too for media gary, chandigarh.
  2. If u go 4 looks then new pajero is awesome... if u want comfort again pajero is at the top as endy is still getting leaf springs thirdly again pajero is on top in off roading as it has got shift on fly 4x4... but if u want performance then endy is way ahead. according to me only 1 thing that pajero is lacking is performance otherwise this two decade car is amazin!!!!!!!!! Choice is up 2 u
  3. is there any cosmatic change in montero??
  4. will there be any change in fuel consumption and pickup??
  5. i need some info about montero automatic... i dont know whether it has got the same pick up or not and 0-100 comes up in ?? sec
  6. i think we dont get a brand new land cruiser in india... And more over land rover is much expensive than x5... After all ur suggestions i think i agree with gurkha about the montero, but still it doesnt give a class im looking for...... Any more suggestions?
  7. i travel 4000km a month, which makes a diesel option sensible. i love offroading and often visit hilly areas, im already having a SUV which is not fulfilling my requirment of offroading. i've read everything about both of these cars but still confused which one to buy. i seriously need some suggestion FuelRunGod2007-11-19 15:15:09