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  1. GiriRaghu

    Punto club

    Hi Chaps, Do we have a Punto club here? I ask as I would like to share my experiences, with the car, with fellow Fiat fans and would like to hear from them!
  2. GiriRaghu

    Hi Guys

    I am a proud owner of a Fiat Grande Punto 90 HP, and a Yamaha Fazer. My next machine would be a super bike from Yamaha stables; may be the MT-01 but have a to wait a bit!
  3. Hi there, I own a Punto and I can swear by its ride and handling. I think it has set a benchmark in its class for ride and handling; go for a test drive to find out for yourself!
  4. GiriRaghu

    Hi Guys

    Hi Team, My name is Girish, and I am from Mumbai. I am a regular reader of the Autocar magazine, and I am really looking forward to spend some interesting times on this forum.