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  1. thanks a lot Cyrus for the suggestions. Well since u are in UK you must have seen a lot of Hot Rods and Custom cars. When i went to Dubai I saw some awesome Hot Rods and since then I made up my mind to transform my Morris Minor into a custom Morris. Well I really respect the Vintage and Classic cars as I have grown up with it. I also believe in restoring rather than Modifying, but this car i really wanna customize rather than restoring it. As far as allow wheels and cosmetic changes are concerned I will definitely rethink about it, taking your suggestion. If anyone else has an idea about the car (morris minor) please give me some of your valuable tips.. thanks
  2. Sir I understand your point. I really UNDERSTAND the CONSEQUENCES, as I pointed out my Dad has a passion for Classic and Vintage cars. I know the after i do the modifications the vintage value of the car will become NIL. But I want to go ahead with my plan. I really don't care about it value after my modification, as I am NEVER going to sell the car, so i want to use it on a daily basis or may be occasionally. Sir with all due respect each person has their own likings. And it is not necessary that two people will have the same perception. I am very soon going to start the project. I just want to ask the viability of my project in terms of its mechanical and technical aspect. And want some more suggestions. Its best be answered by some one who knows about customization and has an interest for customized cars. Is there any person in the forum who can help me out???? One of dad's car which he is restoring.. Its a 1927 Baby Austin (Austin 7). Its in running condition. I drove it from Kolkata all the way to our farm house in Hooghly. It was fun.
  3. Hi everyone, I have got this 1951 morris minor from my dad. This car actually belonged to my grand father. I want to modify this car so that it can be used occasionally. i had spoken to some mechanics about what are my options, these are the few things they have suggested. 1. installing a Fiat 118NE or a Maruti Gypsy Engine along with the gearbox 2. changing the front breaks to discs breaks of maruti esteem 3. modifying the shocks 4. strengthening the chassis 5. changing the Dynamo to alternator etc.... i plan to go for alloy wheels and do some cosmetic changes to the appearance What else should i do and are these suggestions fine? I want to turn it into a customized car..... just need all of yours support.... will upload my car pics soon. thanks