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  1. Can somebody tell me the proper mileage of both these cars. Tata claims 20 in the city & Figo also the same but reading through forums & a few videos on YouTube about both these cars. Indigo Manza has a mileage of 11.8 city & Ford Figo 14 which sounds very disheartening since the main reason I'm buying a diesel car is because of the mileage it provides. Uff, buying a car is so though.
  2. OK, So in my previous topic I had asked for a car with a budget of 6-7lakhs. Now I'm cutting through my options, finally I decided to choose either between the Ford Figo ZXI Diesel for a hatch or the Manza Aura ABS QD90. There's a solid difference of 1.5lakhs here between the latter. Anyways, the solid difference of a lakh & a half is keeping me from a buying a sedan since I'd be buying a car on a loan. The Manza is priced at 7.5lakhs which sounds neat to me if you ask. But is there any alternative for the Manza with the almost the same features like Aura ABS model comes equipped with. Thread moved: ACI-Support. BornFree2011-05-14 10:44:35
  3. Alright thanks for the replies. Quick question? What about Fiesta Classic & maintainence & services etc. If I were to buy a hatch back at 5lakhs or so. Which one? Give me a few choices.
  4. OK, great but insn't Ford really high to maintain & also service isn't good. My friend was telling me
  5. Alright thanks for all the replies. We checked out the Ford Fiesta CLASSIC CLXi model. That's the second variant out of the 3variants available in petrol, how's this model. We also test drove the DZIRE, personally I dont like the looks nor much of the interiors but is it good, if we buy the DZIRE we may end up buying either the second variant of petrol or diesel. Another quick question. Which should I go for Petrol or Diesel? I'll be using it for about 30kms a day or much less somewhere around 15-20kms most of the time & all in the city? Which would be better for me?
  6. I mean even 7lakhs is alright. Not more than that.
  7. Alright, Im a first time car buyer so really don't have much knowledge. My family is looking for a sedan more than a hatchback just because it'll give the royal feel to it but ofcourse we're open to hatchbacks if they offer features better than sedans. The car of course will be chauffeur driven since none of us know driving and even myself am not every confident about it, we're looking for something with plush interiors, good legroom in the back & decent mileage. I've checked out the Dzire but not impressed with its looks and interiors, Checked out the Ford Fiesta Classic, I was impressed but didn't blow me away. Keeping Toyota Etios out of the list cause I hate the instrument cluster in the middle and also its looks. How about the Manza, Polo, Verna, i10 Automatic & Ford Figo. Thread moved.BornFree2011-05-02 03:38:32