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  1. how can u take your santro to 120kmph. I loose all confidence in it after 90kmph. and I've got brand new tyres.
  2. jealous. mercedes are build like nothing else. None can match the class of a Mercedes. And the C class is a looker.
  3. polo and fabia are practically the same car, same engine, same platform. The fabia feels spacious and more solid and is actually few kilos lighter than the polo. depends on your taste. Fabia doesn't have a long waiting list like the polo. But i hear skoda's service network sucks, big time
  4. what about the honda jazz. It gives me around 15kmpl, that too in the hills. I found the interior quality even better that the honda city. The base model costs 7.3l but it has all the safety equipment standard. My cousin bought it last month and got 30k cash discount.
  5. it is indeed one of the coolest indian cars, SUV coupe what more do u want??