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  1. The OE Exide battery on my car (Hyundai Getz 1.3 GLS, petrol) is dead and I'll have to replace it. Battery specs: 45AH; Alternator: 13.5V, 90A. Can anyone share the correct replacement battery details for the afore-mentioned car pls? Note: I have both AC and a music system in the car.
  2. The fire episodes are a thing of the past. The Nano has made a comeback with increasing sales numbers - 8,700+ for March '11 and 10,000+ for April '11 . Of course, to fit into the Nano - the world's smallest car, the diesel engine would also have to be the smallest. ------ Font size reduced. sgiitk2011-05-04 05:34:45
  3. I plan to purchased a pre-owned/used car, which has insurance valid for 9 more months. My queries:
  4. I am planning to buy a pre-owned/used car, which will be my first car. I don't plan to drive around much, at least to start with - maybe just 150-200 kms a month. Vehicle details: - Hyundai Getz Prime 1.3 GLS (petrol) - year: 2008, Mar - single owner - done around 26k km - has audio system worth around 15k installed note: car is no longer in production Sellers expectation: Rs. 2,35,000. I plan to use it for around 2/3 years and then buy a new one. What is a realistic mileage I can expect in city (Mumbai) driving. Advice/comments on running costs, maintenance, etc. welcome Is the car is worth the price? How much can I expect if I sell after 2 years? Font size reduced & changed. salutation removed. Modssgiitk2011-05-03 10:03:35