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  1. without a diesel, I doubt the new CR-V will clock more than double digit sales every month. Pointless bringing it to India
  2. Amaze is no doubt a better product than Dzire but I don't think Honda has Maruti' marketing muscle or hunger to push it in the market. Amaze will do well but won't topple Dzire in terms of sales volumes
  3. 458 Challenge looks fantastic! I hear that Gautam Singhania did 170 laps of the BIC in it or 900km of flat out testing and used up two sets of tyres and one set of brakes. And his efforts did pay off. GHS set a fastest time of 2:03.3 which is very impressive. Hats of to Gautam for his passion and sheer love for driving
  4. Great scoop! Looks like Brio could have some competition now! Wonder why Maruti have slipped it in so quietly
  5. Have my doubts if this model will make it to India as plans for the Up! have been shelved. If there is no Up! there will be no Taigun. VW needs to lower its cost structure to be viable in this country
  6. Urvan a much bigger vehicle and more likely to compete with Force's Traveller. Engine capacity would be atleast 2.5 litre diesel. Looks like it will be only for commercial market.
  7. No real game changer in this list. For that we need to wait for the EcoSport coming mid-2013
  8. It won't be in Rs. 1.6 lakh in India. The small Datsun will be an 800cc petrol which goes head on with the Hyundai Eon and Alto. So price will be closer to Rs 2.5 lakh to 3 lakh
  9. Great calculation @Hersch but you've missed out the most important point - resale value. The resale value of most petrol cars plummets the moment they leave the showroom whilst diesels depreciate far less. If you take this into account then a diesel makes more sense than a petrol car even before it leaves the showroom
  10. Wonder how competitively Jaguar will be able to price XF2.2 especially if it continues to be an import. There are some fantastic deals on the BMW 520d and Merc E220CDI. However, Jag brand is much stronger than all the German ones I feel and hence it can command some premium
  11. Really not much of a change. But i like the nose now. It looks a bit more aggressive. Getting a ZDi option is smart as there is an increasing demand for higher variants
  12. Still looks to weird and I doubt it would have the refinement to match an Ertiga. M&M pay price it well but won't have the quality. That's where Indian companies fail
  13. Get the feeling that Honda may launch another kind of vehicle in the Rs. 13-16 lakh bracket. An SUV would be an ideal replacement for the Civic to plug that vacuum.
  14. You will be surprised how many people will want to drive a car that Sachin drives. Everyone knows that he is passionate about cars and that makes the endorsement even more credible. The car however will have to live upto expectations and be priced correctly. Get the pricing wrong and no amount of plugging by Sachin will make it a success
  15. Have been told by ex-Maruti people that Suzuki needs to re-evaluate its 'Japanese' style of management. To achieve harmony between management and workers there has to be a 'give and take' approach, a little flexibility in the way workers are dealt with. Japanese style of working is very black and white and unyielding. While it may be correct by the book, at a human level it creates a lot of bitterness when things go wrong