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  1. It's been long since Honda has been taking big blows from it's competitors especially in the C segment and the Softroader SUV segment, Honda City despite being the BESTSELLER for the company hasn't been selling so well lately and has been over taken by the VW Vento in terms of sales..all this only because of the LACK of a Diesel and on top of that the astronomical petrol prices. Also the CRV is facing tough competition from the likes of BMW's X1 , Skoda Yeti etc. However future does seem bright for Honda since it's possibly coming out with a i-CTDi DIESEL engine..which promises 100 kms on 5 litres of diesel while not compromising on performance, it's heard that Honda is going to introduce it's i-Dtec diesel engine and i-CTDi diesel engine in it's City and CRV models later this year or early 2012, if this does happen it's surely going to create ripples in the C and softroader segment.! P.S Honda ROCKS!