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  1. Yes sir I do have checked alternator of a swift which was in repair. The only thing I could found was the company name DENSO and the part number. As per google serch the swift alternator is with different output in different countries ! I could found from google that the Suzuki Swift 2011 diesel launched in UK has alternate output of 90 Amps. I guess that it should work because older version of suzuki swift has the same engine ! When I asked this to a Maruti engineer he replied that in Maruti car the ampere output is never more than 65 A !!. I think that Tata Motors is very transperent in giving such details in owner's manual.
  2. Thanks for reply. The user manual does not disclose this data though it should be included with engine specification.The service manual has the part number but no Ampere output data. My Tata Nano (delux)has massive 70 Amp alternator. So swift should have about 80 to 90 Amp alternator. The authorised dealer needs to book a new alternator and that may take a long time ! I thought may be someone could give me exact detail so that I can pick up right one from the Denso list. When I went to Maruti service centre the autoelectric engineer was ignorant to this aspect and expressed his inability to get this so called secret data!!!
  3. May I please know the Ampere output of Maruti Swift diesel car alternator .The alternator from my friend's swift has been stolen.I have access to used Denso car alternators. I tried to know alternator specification from the Maruti authorised work shop but they could not figure out ampere output. ------ read the rules, and no salutations at either end. sgiitk2011-05-14 09:53:56
  4. Tata Merlin was supposed to be launched in June 2011. I do not know what has gone wrong. To my certain information from the internal source it has the same engine and transmission as in Aria.All versions are AWD .It was thought that Merlin kerb weight would be significantly less than Safari.My friend whos is testing Merlin at TM reported me the kerb weight of 2200 kg with 150 A 12 V alternator.( In safari it is less )and disc brake on all wheels.The sterling feature of Merlin is exceptionally very good on road performance, better than any other diesel SUV in India. He had reached maximum speed of 160 kms/hr in 2WD mode.The car was absolutely silent and found smooth upto 140 kms/hr.Initial pick up is bit slow than the fortuner.But it is more smooth than the fortuner at higher speed.For Indian market , tyre option is 235/70/R16. It has also been tested with 17" and 18" wheels. Another Merlin version with 3.0 L diesel engine and different type of transfer case ( probably for serious off roading ) is under testing.