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  1. goin for a petrol version of laura one has to thnk of fuel efficiency,,,,wat is the fuel efficiency of TSI 1.8............I havnt took a test drive of petrolversion of laura Also note i am upgrading myself to D segment car just for driving pleasure and cruise at high speeds....i donot wanna compromise in this part.......If i can get this in petrol version its ok,,,,but sheer power is must My annual driving km are arnd 10000-12000...see note above re spelling etc. sgiitk2011-05-14 09:46:22
  2. but what about the ASS issues related to SKODA,,,,,,after reading and hearing so much abt their dealers, i am a bit reluctant to go 4 laura,,,,,n also heard a lot that Laura AC is not effective in very hot conditions,,, Also the spare parts of skoda dents heavily on your pocket after warranty period is over,,,,,,n they donot have any warranty extention scheme,,,, can u through some light regarding this aspect. see note above ---- mods sgiitk2011-05-14 09:45:41
  3. @Pranab* But does 1.8TSI delivers the power as cruze does,,,,,,i dont think it can generate that massive amount of Torque at high speeds as the Cruze does,,,Also heard ground clearance of Laura is less than cruze..... But i definetly agree with u about the crucial point raised by u "whats the point of paying 15 lack for a car which provides you space of a maruti 800". As i own a maruti zen,,,i dont wanna spend 15L n still compromise with the sitting.... let us see Renault Fluence ,,,,but i dont thnk renault can beat the class of skoda n chevy.
  4. can u help me decide b/w laura & preference is 1.driving pleasure, 2.effectiveness of AC with climate control, 3.comfortable seating as me n most of my family members are 6feet tall..... 4.also i donot wanna spend wopping amount on A S S....By budget is 15L....wanna choose b/w cruze AT or laura MT.... ---------- No salutations, signoffs Use proper spelling, punctuation, and capitalisation Read the rules Next time we catch a post infarcting the rules it will be deleted. Some infarcts (not all) are marked in blue. Thread moved. moderators BornFree2011-05-14 10:45:44