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  1. Folks, finally the car is back home and accelerating better than ever!! Delivered yesterday (21/5/2011) as committed. The problem was zeroed in to a 'switch' assembly as mentioned earlier. The new i20 has a 'shift' indicator that suggests the ideal gear to be in. This is thrown up in the instrument cluster. This switch is what HMIL calls as the 'Neutral Switch' and it's wired into their transmission system. This has malfunctioned (perhaps loose connection, hence didn't throw up in the monitoring system during diagnosis). It was first for HMIL and hence they took time to respond. I thought this was pardonable. So didn't fuss much. Hole in wallet:::: 1) Only cost for consumables used during routine 'second free service' was billed 2) Switch assembly was covered under warranty a. Engine oil @ Rs.200.01 a litre for 5.3Lts total = Rs.1060.03 b. Filter cartridge @ Rs.1692.41 per unit. Qty used 1. c. Filter-Air Cleaner @ Rs.293.79 per unit. Qty used 1. d. Service Kit-Oil Filter @ Rs.334.05 per unit. Qty used 1. 3) Total expenses: Rs.3380/- Other points to note: 1) Fuel replaced to the levels at which the car was left at their workshop 2) Cavity waxing done for the door trims free of cost as a value-add / kind gesture 3) Upholstery cleaning done free of cost (considering that it's a lighter shade, I appreciated this work as it had become dirty and I used to find it difficult to keep it clean even though I use 'Armorall leather detailer' quite reqularly) HMIL service engineer was present along with the service center personnel to explain work done. Expressed sincere apologies since this is the first time for HMIL too. (why should I be a case study?? ). He explained that malfunctioning switch was uncalled for and they were not prepared for this kind of an exigency. Nevertheless, I felt a bit confident when all these were explained properly. I also appreciated the customer engagement manager from the dealership:: he had been regularly updating regarding the status. Also, I was asked to be at the service center between 2.30pm and 3.30pm (since this is a time that's less frequented by other customers and hence they can spend quality time). I appreciated the same. I will soon post the 'picture' of the replaced switch. Thanks to all for the guidance and advice!!! Cheers!! @rssh: I was happy that the 'chandra' hyundai team lived upto the situation, unlike Advaith folks who literally refused to take the car!!! Fuel was filled back again to the levels at which I had left the car for service. My old turbo charger kit was cleaned and fitted back again (I prefer this.. because not sure if the kit that was replaced was new.. ) Known devil is better than unknown angel.
  2. @Aerospeedcars: Thanks will do that. However, this method will only give an image/jpeg and no one will be able to edit it. The credit goes to some website fromwhere I downloaded the basic file and have improvised on that.You can just start punching your details and values in. Screenshot File Download link I expect the link to work and hope some of you may find this useful.
  3. HIGHWAY i20 CRDi :::: 21.7kmpl :::: ~100kmph :::: NH4 Blr-Chennai :::: 100% AC WagonR :::: ~20kmpl :::: ~90kmph :::: NH4 Blr-Chennai :::: No AC Baleno :::: 16kmpl :::: ~100kmph :::: NH4 Blr-Chennai :::: 100% AC CITY i20 CRDi :::: 14.5kmpl :::: ~30kmph :::: Bangalore :::: 100% AC WagonR :::: 13.5kmpl :::: ~30kmph :::: Bangalore :::: 100% AC Baleno :::: 13kmpl :::: ~30kmph :::: Coimbatore :::: 100% AC (Is it possible to share file? I maintain a fuel economy tracker sheet (excel) and think some of you guys may find it useful)
  4. Skoda India plans sub-Rs 10 lakh SUV Skoda Auto, a Volkswagen subsidiary, plans to launch a mini-sports utility vehicle (SUV) priced below Rs 10 lakh. This is the first time a global company is looking to introduce an SUV in this price segment. Big international companies such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, General Motors, Hyundai and Skoda sell SUVs in India, but at prices above Rs 15 lakh. The Skoda product will directly challenge Indian companies, which offer cheaper options. Mahindra & Mahindra
  5. 17/5/2011: Update 1) Turbo kit replaced and tested. Problem still exists!!!!!!!! 2) Service Engineer from HMIL arrived at Chandra late in the evening 3) Received call @ 8:30PM in the night => the problem is identified to be a malfunctioning switch in the electrical circuitry...... 4) Rectification to be done today (18/5/2011) with a promise to return the car by end of day Questions that I need to ask: 1. Why was an electrical fault not thrown up when it was tested with the monitoring kit? 2. Will the turbo kit (the old one removed from my car) be put back in place again? 3. What about the 35 litres of diesel that was 'apparently' flushed out suspecting adulteration?
  6. A diesel mill under 2L is not a good idea. However, the following options are viable (in the order of preference: 1. Tata Indica (you have multiple variants that need to be carefully evaluated) 2. Accent CRDi 3. Fiat Palio These are the value for money options that I can suggest. Barring Fiat Palio, not sure about it's fuel economy and maintenance figures, though it may be available within budget. The Tata brands will sure come with special freebies and addon features like 'rattling noise', 'dull/oxidised paint surface', 'extremely faded plastics'. The Accent and Fiat are expected to fair well in these departments. With a "s t r e t c h e d" budget (say 2.75 to 3.5L), you can consider 1. Maruti Swift (most preferred) 2. Logan (but expect the odomoter to be nothing less than 80-85000KMs) Cheers!
  7. 16/5/2011: Update 1. Received a response from HMIL South Regional Office (after I had written to them on Sunday as advised by Durango Dude) 2. They assured immediate intervention and necessary inputs to be provided to 'Chandra Hyundai' so that the process can be expedited 3. They also mentioned that necessary action shall be initiated against 'Advaith Hyundai' 4. Received a call by afternoon from Advaith Hyundai (Outer Ring Road) expressing their sincere apologies.. blah blah 5. Received a call from Chandra Hyundai towards end of day assuring that the 'Turbo kit' shall be replaced and the car will be taken for a test run today (17/5/2011) Will keep team posted. All in all, status-quo remains. People still clueless.
  8. @RSSH: Fuel filter changed and no improvement. Current update: Service center still clueless. The turbo gasket was also replaced and no effect. They have now informed that valve timing need to be analysed and fuel intake timing/quantity checked. This apparently requires a special 'testing kit' that they are not having off-hand. Hence have to wait till tomorrow. They are requesting at least 3 additional days time to completely diagnose the problem. Whatever is happening now is only elimination of known problem areas. I have written to the customer relations as suggested by Durango Dude. I intend to call the HMIL regional representative to figure out a way to formalize this complaint/issue. It's just 4 months and I'm not happy at people working on engine/turbo level. Not a good sign at all.
  9. Suggest you check the new 2011 Swift. Top end with ABS+EBD, Airbags should comfortably fall within your budget and you should be able to spare a few thousands for some nice aftermarket upgrades too.
  10. @Durango: Thanks for the tip. I have written to HMIL in that mail ID. I'm awaiting feedback from the service center today. Will keep the team posted. Fingers crossed...!!
  11. Hello folks, I am Premchand, 30yrs M, Bangalore, drive:: i20 CRDi - variant: sportz. One of my i20 CRDi cars has developed 'weak acceleration' trouble over the last 15 days. The car is 4 months old, with 9500KMs on the odo. The dealership from where I bought the car seem to have long forgotten me as one of their valuable customers... as their service station is perennially infested with cars awaiting service - definitely an eye sore. God only knows whether they really service the car or just do a water wash and clean the interiors. Problem: The turbo never kicks-in, even when the accelerator is floored (on all gears). I am normally a light footed driver. However, at highway speeds, the car's under-response just cant be digested. It's so pathetically slow that every time I need to shift down a couple of gears and revvup to almost 4000RPM (which is quite abnormal for a Hyundai I20 CRDi). That apart, the car anyway takes it's own sweet time to come up to speed. If there is an up-hill, the problem only worsens. I got the 10K service done at a dealership in Coimbatore (yeah, I didn't leave my car at Advaith Hyundai in Bangalore) today (14/5/2011) and got the air and fuel filter replaced. Several issues were considered and ruled out: Adulterated diesel, clutch wear, clogged fuel filter, etc. The problem still persists and the dealership has informed me that they need to change turbo gasket and do a test run tomorrow. However, all of these seem to be trial & error method and there is no serious diagnosis happening. I am perplexed at this situation as the service personnel themselves are grappling for answers. It seems they have not come across such an issue before. Can any of the gurus here throw some light??