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  1. Swift no doubt has good value for money and is beating the roads these days but some reason or the other I don't want to go for it and I will stick to getz. This is for sure. Now im hanging b/w 1.1 and 1.3. This will be my first car and I don't want to repent later regarding my choice.

  2. You guys making me more confused....then why there is so many rumors around that 1.1 is under powered etc etc...If its not the case then why to go for 1.3 overlooking 1.1 version. My main concern is for my long trips which could be around 5-6 hrs journey in highways atleast once a month. Is 1.1 capable of enduring this without any hindrance for 4-5 years??

  3. Planning for deep maroon or dark blue...will finalize after looking closely at it. Probably I will buy it this year end. But still one of my question is left unanswerd by you guys. Though I am going for 1.3...I need to know exactly what is the issue related to performance in 1.1 version specially in top speed and highways. Does it starts dragging itself or you can figure out weird sounds from engine or the car feels to be exhausted etc etc...

  4. Swift would definitely be my last option just because of looks and space crunch. i10 is new and will have to wait until it really outdo its promises. Have made up my mind to go either for getz 1.1 or 1.3 and need help from you guys to guide me out on this. 

  5. 1.1 is no doubt a better option on towns.All I am concerned that will 1.1 uphold itself a journey of 300 kms at a strech in highways carrying 4 peoples? If it can, then I have no better option than 1.1 else I need to go with 1.3.

  6. Hi Members,

    I am planning to buy a hatchback and my budget is max 5lacs. After exploring all possible options, I have finally settled myself for either Getz 1.1 or 1.3L (Just not interested in Swift). Please suggest which would be a better option for me. I am baffled as there is a huge difference of price between these two model. Both these models have their own pros and has peroformance issues on top gears while other is a bit expensive and lower mileage.

    Your suggestions would be of great help for me in selecting the best option. The Deisel variant would be too expensive for my pocket so please don't comment on those.Thanks in advance.