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  1. I am not from delhi, bro. Reg, Toyota Liva GD SP, I think the On road price comes around 8L.. and it does too have central speedometer.. and beat, as rahul said, its only 3 cylinder.. and with abs and airbag, its ORP comes around 6.5 L, just 50k lesser than figo titanium diesel's ORP..
  2. thank u all for quick reply.. yeah beat and vista could suit.. but I somehow could not digest speedometer on the center of dashboard.. I dont want to exhibit to other passengers so openly, the speed I am on ,etc.. somehow I find it difficult to accept.. And isn't vista notorious for its poor quality interiors? Reg waiting period, I can wait a month or 2 but not 8 or 9 like for Swift
  3. Hi As I was not in country for a couple of months, no decision yet has been taken.. I was disappointed to see cars' prices went up after coming back.. due to some excise duty.. now, may have to start all over again.. I am looking for a hatchback with following features with budget around 6 L (on road) 1. 4 cylinder diesel 2. very less waiting period 3. Airbags (mandatory) (both front passenger and driver) 4. reasonable A.S.S Any car available?? Figo titanium costs around 7 L in my city now (on road) Regards parthi2929
  4. Swift Diesel ZDI available finally in new avatar???
  5. How do we post integrated image (just to avoid members to copy paste url to navigate to the image) in thread?? parthi29292011-07-16 17:10:19
  6. Hi I am looking for a reliable mount and cradle setup to mount my nokia 5800 on my bike. This is needed for GPS purposes. Something like this: Could any one please let me know if you have seen such type in india. If yes, where and which brand provides this. It would also be great if some bike mod specialists in available in coimbatore who could custom build this for me. Please help.
  7. Are these procedures applicable to very new car also?.. I mean the car would not even have finished first service, engine have not yet seasoned as it would not have run enough kms, etc. If I book a car now, and if get in 1.5 months (worst case) and 3rd month if I leave out of station, the car would have hardly run within 2k kms (me being a new driver).
  8. Hi I looks like I might be out of station for about 6 months in a period of 2 months. A friend of mine was saying, you can put petrol idle for long time and take off without issues but not diesel. I know its not good for any car to be idle for long time, but I can ask my dad to take a drive now and then however wanted to know more about this: how much minimum days after, one should take diesel car out? how about petrol cars? Is it ok if the car is taken out once in 2 weeks for both petrol and diesel?
  9. Well, title says it all. How to detect odometer tampering, if going for a used car? I mean, a reliable confirmation. Possible to read them from ECU? (as no other reliable method could be found.. checking tyres, checking for misalignments they are just can raise doubt but cannot confirm tampering)
  10. guys.. I am visual guy.. can any one post graph of them.. that way, its much easier to compare each manufacturer's relative position in sales.. "A graph is equivalent to 1024 words"
  11. Politicians are very well aware that people will fight against prices for some time and then they will start adjusting with it, and then forget, moving on to next thing. What we badly need is consistency. Unless we keep on pressing, without believing any polished words from politicians till some real changes happen, there is no hope. So if politicians respond saying " we will surely check and take action, whatever is possible, bla bla bla" for country's sake, don't fall for it.parthi29292011-07-04 16:32:47
  12. They only tell these types of words always: "wait", "we are doing our best to control", "we are working on it" but never a fruitful solution. They dont say they they wont or they cant, because if they say so, then it would portray them as against democracy and people. Instead they simply say "we are working on it", "we will investigate", "we are checking and discussing".. see if they say at least they wont do, u can argue with them. but when they say the above replies, we cannot argue but wait and wait and wait forever.. Same "working on it" they were telling for 40 years for lokpall bill playing tennis with that bill and now also saying the same to Anna. Sigh. And reduction of 0.8 or 0.7 is just namesake action.. all the tax imposed would come to 30 or 40% of the price.. that should be removed fully by the ruling party if they feel price hike is not fair. They are just doing double game, showing that they are with people and against hike but doing nothing or very negligible action from their side. When asked, the respective state governments would say that would cause heavy loss but that loss actually would be recovered because of cheaper living and other costs by price reduction of diesel.
  13. Something like hyundai timeline I quoted will be really informative also could see relative age of cars (i10 born in 2008, but swift 4 years before that, Ritz same age of i10,etc) Its just this: a picture(here timeline) is worth 1024 words
  14. Atleast a statistical comparision would help me pick out slowest and slower racers by the way, all indian cars of major manufacturers (local or international) use foreign engine I think 1. Maruti - from suzuki, fiat (maruti follows suzuki's product flow, so as suzuki introduces something international, it will come via maruti to India after an year or so) 2. Hyundai from itself 3. Tata from fiat 4. Ford from itself, peugeot 5. Vw from itself 6. Fiat from itself 7. Chevrolet from GM Pl. add if I have missed anything. I think apart from Maruti, its Tata thats pretty stable with least frequency of facelifts?? (eg: indica) But I need relative positions of each with respect to other. Not just high or low. Something like this (just example): 1)hyundai statistically once in 2 years for hatchback 2)maruti once in 5 years for hatchback 3)tata once in 3 years for hatchback etc A comparitative time line would be more helpful and informative. Also with growing competition, the frequency of facelifts likely to increase. So to draw a trend of that also, we need that statistics.