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  1. ya, I use a helmet that lets me uncover the face but still cover my head..but its a bit pricey and helmets in our cities are only used coz of law and not because people see it as a safety measure..come to Bangalore you can see people riding bikes on pavement...i feel no rules can help stop morons.
  2. May be not entirely relevant but it sure is interesting in the context here http://www.9wsyr.com/news/local/story/Man-dies-after-motorcycle-crashes-during-helmet/3hjcjSPXsUCsrtyM9cBn0g.cspx
  3. I went to cancel the booking that I had made for Eon, at the time of booking I was told by the sales person that a full refund will be made, but now they are telling a charge of 2500 will be levied. What should I do in this case? I spoke to the regional officer of Hyundai and she was like we dnt take responsibility fr verbal communications by the dealers. I told her that even if there is a clause that says a penalty for cancellation I should be told about it, even after asking multiple times I was told that a full refund will be made.
  4. Just visited the showroom and saw Eon Magna and Sportz in Flesh or should I say Metal. Looks good, not a baby i10 at all. Rear seat is spacious with decent leg room, Driver seat had enough space (im 6'1) though I felt the seating is a bit low. TD was not available. prices are expected to come out by evening.
  5. Click on post reply..after that the sixth icon from left of scissor sign is to upload images..
  6. Wow, just booked my first car and it's getting some bashing..I agree 21 km/l is over the top but which manufacturer delivers ARAI certified mileage..
  7. @CrazyDoc, lets wait for the prices to come out. As I said I might cancel the booking if the prices are way off. Problem is I can add a lil bit to get Beat and then add a bit to get Brio..add a bit to Brio and get something better...
  8. Yeah the specs are same as provided above. I got an approx price of 3.8L for magna. If the price difference is much more than whats told then I may cancel the deal. But did not want to get into months of waiting time so went ahead and did the booking.
  9. Thanks Vipul, I will go for Ritz, Swift has a waiting time of 6 months and I have booked Eon for self already.Dint choose Eon for parents as its not exactly an upgrade from Alto.
  10. Thanks alot for the inputs, yeah I was planning a surprise but seems it is not a good idea, better to consider their choice, apparently my mom too has an opinion about cars , so will talk to them and let all of you know what I got finally.
  11. actually they have an alto now, so want to upgrade that to something better..my mind is still with Ritz..thnx Bala, my dad drives a bit himself but most of it is chauffeur driven.
  12. thanks, no not particular about maruti, yah figo is a good option too
  13. Hello Gurus I am planning to gift a car to my parents this diwali, pls suggest based on the requirements below Budget: 6.5L max Type: Hatch or sedan both will do Fuel: Diesel as monthly running is close to 1000km Priority: Safety and convenience. Location: Lucknow I have Ritz top model in my mind so far.. Thread moved. BornFree2011-10-02 06:30:10