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  1. Got an update from my Maruti dealer. that all customers who have booked there swift before July 15 will get deliveries by September end.
  2. thanks for the new update which you have posted. and i hope so the waiting gets over soon. About the bookings. Dealerships in mumbai and navimumbai are taking the bookings for the new swift on first come first serve basis. what really baffles me is. swift was suzuki's global car. it was suppose to be launched all over the world together.but that is not happening anymore. Perhaps the profit margins seem to be more in european markets compared to indian market. now i see some articles on the net on the new swift 2012 model now. Hope we do not get a backdated product from maruti suzuki?.
  3. Hi roadrash, will this be applicable for new swift 2011. cause its not a newly launched car. i.e from scratch. what we hear from the newspapers is that in the new swift. Engine, suspension, etc is same as the old predecessor. what they have done to the new car is with the looks. both interior and exterior. what things do you think can create a problem in the new swift 2011.
  4. Hi , I Inquired with one of the maruti dealer in Navimumbai. and he advised me that you can book the new swift 2011. with a cheque payment of either Rs 5000 or Rs 10,000. so that way when the new lot of 2011 swift comes to us. we will make sure that you get the delivery first. they also told me that for some reasons if you want to cancel the booking we will just deduct Rs1000. I am going ahead with the booking. i have no other option also. as i dont see any vehicle in the market that could match swift status. also i am hoping for a surprise from maruti. there can be a possibility that maruti will launch the new swift 2011 in CNG model as well.