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  1. Thankyou guys! @TSiVipul - do you own the new i10 with Kappa 2 engine?
  2. Thank you all for your valuable suggestions. I too agree with DD. After reading various posts in this forum it seems every single car has some or the other problem (major or minor) so at the end it bogs down to how much can you compromise!
  3. I started a new thread few days back regarding suggestions buying a new car and it was instantly closed by MODS suggesting there were already similar posts floating around. My mistake! I should have read all the posts including the forum rules. Hope I don't make any mistake in my second post. After reading almost all the threads/ posts in AAA that have been started/posted since the beginning of this year, I shortlisted i10 Asta (MT) petrol and Ritz Zxi as my first car. (going for the top variants because air bags are in my list of priority). TD both cars this weekend and found them good. Ritz was declined by my wife because of not so "flashy" interior looks. We both liked i10 but just wanted to clear some doubts before we finalize it - Per many posts here, there seems to be some issues with i20 - rattling, ac, underpowered. My question is that do we have similar or any other known issues in i10 Asta? I understand there are many other cars in the same segment from other manufacturers but are there any reasons I should NOT go for i10? I'll be driving mostly in the city (gurgaon) with occasional highway driving during weekends.
  4. Hey Auto Guys, Expert advice required to buy a new car. 1. Budget is ~5-6Lacs (on road price). 2. Avg drive wud be around 900-1000Kms per month. 3. Not sure if I shud go for a diesel or petrol version? 4. Priority is comfort & smooth ride (given the road conditions in Gurgaon ) + safety 5. Was interested in i20 but read some reviews regd its not so smooth drive and problematic ac. 6. More inclined towards Maruti/ Hyundai car (considering the maintenance cost). Any help wud be appreciated. Thanks! .............................. Read the rules. No sms lingo. No large fonts. No salutations. ACI mods sgiitk2011-05-20 06:39:50