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  1. Dr Nishu i know Honda City is one car that i can close my eyes and buy coz its reliable. But lately i feel that the honda prices are on the higher side if u see other cars that are offering more features in that price. eg i believe honda top end does not have a climate control ...what do you say?
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  3. I presently own a Tata Indigo and want to say tata to it. Among the choice that i have is SX4, Verna transform , Honda City, Linea and Manza. Actually i'am not much in favour of Manza because of poor quality of interiors and frequent small irritants that i had on indigo. Also i need boot space. I would be buying through CSD.I want good features on inside, comfortable ride for self and family, spare parts must not hurt much along with servicings. If the car is actually good then i can flex my budget also plus minus. Being in transferable job another concern is the service network. Also would it be better to go in for a Diesel or petrol car considering that my monthly running would be about 300-350 kms in a month and may be twice in a year long drives of about 1500 kms . Would the car experts kindly advise.