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  1. @asethi - Many congratulations on your new purchase. I took a TD of the Polo a few days back and it's a very good car. Wish you several years of fun filled driving.
  2. My budget is a lower, so I'm planning to buy the Manza. But I must be honest about one thing. The current Ford Fiesta 1.6 packs a punch. It's a drivers car with an amazing responsive engine. IMHO, if you are running out of patience, in the given budgets, nothing will work better than 1.6 Ford Petrol.
  3. Here's what I'm getting in Delhi for Aura ABS Diesel Ex Showroom : 7,03,740 Insurance : 20,783 Regn/Tax : 54,262 Logistics : 3,500 Ext Warranty: 5,250 (2+2) Total : 7,87,535 Less: Cash Discount: 25,000 (including corporate discount) Net : 7,62535 Following things are free and included in the price 1) Accessories worth Rs.10,000 2) AMC for 3 years or 30,000km. Trust this helps.
  4. My father owns a Nano. I'm getting scared. I really hope there are reasons beyond Nano engineering that are causing it.
  5. Looks awesome but a tad expensive for a Ford, isn't it?
  6. To be honest, I doubt the price increase will significantly influence the decision of someone who has already made his mind to buy this car. The reduced rate of interest sounds very tempting (we'll just need to check for the fine print though)
  7. if you have sufficient documentation, you should take the pains of sending a sufficiently strongly worded email & letter(by courier and registered post) to Tata motors on the lines suggested by rki2007 above. If you have insufficient documentation, you can still send a strongly worded email to them. Good luck and keep us posted on the outcome.
  8. An update. Took a test drive of the Verito base model today. At the price point at which they are wanting to sell, I think it will be a huge hit. The top end diesel is for 7.3 lacs. Good points 1) Price 2) Good rear space 3) Reasonable performance. Bad points 1) Steering is not as easy to maneuver as the fiesta or manza 2) They have put beadings on the top sides of the car which I found very weird. My pick as of now is the Manza.
  9. No luck yet for a TD of Verito in Delhi. Meanwhile, I did a bit of googling trying to compare Verito(Logan) diesel vs Manza Diesel. I need your help in getting a few things sorted out in my head 1) The middle rear seat in Verito has a headrest and feels really comfortable (I sat inside the Verito display car). Compared to it, the centre rear seat in the Manza appears a tad uncomfortable. Can any Manza users please share their experience on the comfort of the middle rear seat. 2) Are there any issues w.r.t ground clearance in either the Verito or the Manza? Could any users of Logan or Manza help by sharing their experience? Thanks
  10. I can surely help you. Which city are you based out of or alternatively can you let me know the prevalent petrol and diesel prices in your area. If I assume you reside in Delhi, you are better off buying a diesel car. In today's value, you will be saving roughly Rs.60,000 over the 6 year term.
  11. I took a TD of the Fiesta classic last week and they said it was just launched. May be it's the old version.
  12. @drnishu - do we have any published stats on the number of manza's sold in May?
  13. I test drove the Etios last weekend and was not impressed with the degree of cabin noise that filters through. I am currently grappling with the same issue and am seriously considering Manza and Verito. I test drove the Manza diesel and found it good. Verito is yet to come out with a TD car, though I believe only the exteriors have undergone a bit of change and it remains truly Logan still. I will be deciding on the car next fortnight once I've had an opportunity to TD verito
  14. Post deleted: Kindly keep OT talk to PM route. BornFree2011-06-02 11:34:53