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  1. Thanx for the suggestion.!! :-)
  2. I already own an activa. By the way scooters which hv weak headlights in no way can blind the oncoming traffic. Moreover i need a headlamp suvh that i can see things in front of me not to show others that i am on the road.. If there's a stationary vehicle i cant ram my vehicle onto it. So i need better lights. No offences. Thanx for the advice.... Hoping for some better suggestion.
  3. I have a honda activa 2005 model. Its headlight is very weak(dull) and i face a lot of problem in driving at night. I showed it to a local workshop and he said that the light is getting scattered( not focussed) and the reflector has to be changed. He hold me it costs approximately Rs.400/-. I am also considering to fit a phillips headlamp... Can u plz suggest which headamp is compatible with my activa. Plz give d entire model number. Also can HID lamps be put on activa??BornFree2011-05-26 17:39:09