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  1. does the monocross suspension in FZ-S really provide a good driving pleasure?
  2. Hi folks, I am going to purchase a new 150cc bike.Plz suggest which will be better in terms of comfort & performance - FZ-S,Hunk,Dazzler,apache 160 etc.
  3. Post deleted: Double post. BornFree2011-05-27 11:54:00
  4. Hi frnds I am new in this forum........ I am planning for a bike in 150cc range having neither budget nor milage constrain. I am not a regular biker (will be driving 3/4 days in a week, usage is minimum)... .. The usage primarily be in the city but may have to travel in countryside also. My primary concern is the performance,comfort,styling & look. I believe all individuals has different liking so "looks" of the bike will vary but i would like to hear. My height is 5'6''.... I hv very minimum driving experience so plz suggest...... browsing I have shortlisted the following as per looks 1. Fazer 2. Dazzler 3. Hunk 4. FZ