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  1. Hi All, Has anybody used AG Centrum Sequential CNG kit for Euro 4 cars ?? My local mechanic has suggested me for this kit from Poland to use in my Hyundai I-10 Euro 4 model. Would that be fine to use. If anybody has any experience regarding this kit, please make be aware of that as that would be of great help to me .
  2. Hi All, I own a 2010 model i-10 Magna (Latest Model) and it runs 100kms on a daily basis. So I have installed a Lovato CNG kit in i-10 from outside the company. Now the trouble is sometimes it does not start on Petrol however when accelerated and shifted to CNG it works fine.I have checked the emulator and convertor for the CNG but no luck. The problem is intermittent and I am not able to recreate the exact scenario why it is happening. Can anybody help or share same kind of scenario in this regard.