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  1. @RohanGanu :- As suggested by the Other Members Please Send an updated requirement list from your End. @SuperAkh :- I find this very obvious as Honda City is on top of the Charts as usual and doesn't look like the case is better anywhere. I Completely understand how you would feel if you do not own the Beauty in the stipulated time. I would recommend you to not cancel your booking which is worth the wait. but at the same time raise it up to Honda Directly via the Dealership. Not sure if Honda motors looks at these forums hence use a different approach.
  2. Hi Team, I am currently posting on behalf of my friend who has somehow managed to boil down between the two cars - Hyundai i20 and the Toyota Etios. Can i get some help here with the Experience that can assist in getting the perfect car for him. Thanks
  3. Hi guys..First image of my new Honda city ..1.5 VMT Ownership experience follows.
  4. Also I need Some suggestions on Points to check at the time of Delivery of the Car . Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks TSIvipul . Honda City Costs me total 9.56 L (On road Pune).Just to add on its the V MT Exclusive. Buying Expereince Comes soon . Once again Thanks ..
  6. Congratulations To you for this Awesome pick. Please post pics and do share your experiences. You have chosen the best car for sure.
  7. Hello Guys. Finally after much of research and expert views and opinions i have booked the Honda City Ivtec VMT . I am so happy to bring my first car and to top it its Honda City. I will be getting the Delivery in 2 days and i am much excited to be a Proud owner of the New Honda City . Once again Thanks Guys for your much valued suggestions.
  8. Hi I was in the same Dilemma with respect to which of the C segment Car to go for.. & thanks to this Autocar INDIA Forum (Specially TSIVIPUL ,Dr_nishu) i really Hit upon The Honda City I vtec. As per your Budget and Daily Kilometers(keeping In mind the Economy with Petrol Driven Cars), i would Recommend Honda City Ivtec...I will be Booking The City Soon in few Days from Now..Still Deciding On the Color though..
  9. When does the new City hit showrooms...?
  10. Greetings @TSIVipul...Thanks for your Replies on this thread. As you have mentioned that were a part of the New S ivtec Being bought by ur freind..could you please tell me the benefits and disadvantages of the Civic Tyres v(195/65 R15) Vs(175/65 R15) and Alloys being replaced in a New City.. This Sounds very Intresting and Enthusiaistic Driving. It will be Great if you also get some approximate Money that i would need to Pay in return of the Alloys of V MT ivtec to the Civic Tyres. Thanks in advance.
  11. Eagerly waited for this Compariosn is the Video from Autocar June 2011.
  12. So is it the New Honda City Ivtec or the Hyundai Verna Fluidic?.Overall I guess Honda City still rules..Guys Final Verdict please ...
  13. Dr_nishu Very Closely following your Response on this thread i am mostly choosing the new verna Petrol 1.6 (O). I hope it rules this segment if not ahead of The Honda city ..Plz correct me if i am wrong.
  14. @ dr_nishu & TSiVipul Thanks for the input here .In Pune roads arent that good , although City is atleast 3 out of 10 cars on the road that you see, and the ground clearance makes a concern for me. i like Fiat Linea TJET but ruled it out for kind of its design, however its fun to drive. Could you please rate the two Cars (Honda Ciy ivtec VMT and Hyundai Fludic Verna 1.6 SX (o)) interms of Engine Performance/Pickups at lower gears... Thanks all for the Responses here.
  15. Congratulations on your New Buy ..Hope you have a great time ahead..Please keep on Posting the on road Experience with this New Verna.
  16. @mithrandir Thanks for your Reply here. Its Really Informative and Helpful & makes it easier for me to boil down, however i would also like to add that i will be using the Car for the City drive as well as the Highways.I have not got a chance to test drive the Verna. Please put some light on 1).The Engine power/Gear box/Pickup at lower gears. (1.6 VTVT Petrol Verna Fluidic and City ivtec ), in other words the Heart of both these cars when they are on road compared together. 2). Which of these cars is an enthusiast's Choice ? Thanks all.
  17. Guys, Going through a lot of Reviews for the All new hyundai verna fluidic and need Assistance in Choosing out of the Two biggies of the lot ... I need Suggestions as to which is better go between the Honda city iVtec and the Hyundia Verna Fluidic. Budget 10 L Kindly advise Thread moved.BornFree2011-06-02 17:25:56