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  1. I think these trees are thingies safest option when it comes to choosing the best type of perfume. I have had bad experiences with some of the other types. When I used one of those liquids you have to stand on a vent A / C and one day, the liquid is evaporated from the bottle, and it was dripping on the A / C vent. The terrible thing is that the vent A / C was melted sweet scent
  2. We have heard a lot of oil for gasoline and dependency. The main advantage claimed to have produced the performance factor. Some manufacturers such as 3M, Nulon India is asking the same performance. BENEFITS * Protect the motor effect of fuel false. * Increase fuel efficiency by 3% and 7%. * Reduce friction thereby reducing wear on the inside of the engine and saving downtime and maintenance costs. * Increased compression, which means more power and better recovery. * Reduction in the levels of smoke. * Reduction of noise and vibration. * Fluid and faster start-ups. * Prevents engine damage due to a cold start. * Increase the resale value of the vehicle.
  3. Sounds good. But 22ps of power is a little hard to believe. As soon as R15 could manage the power supplied to the Daytona 21PS ECU, exhaust, cams and larger sprockets have integrated all. R15 mobile home must be changed to a significant degree of power to extract 22ps I do not think Yamaha is seen looking to launch its 250cc single-cylinder bike this season.
  4. More speed means less fat tires, and if the power is not increased.But again because this wheel turns in a controlled environment programmed ECU, I think the Yamaha engineers could have programmed the controller and then to maintain the speed and performance of series (can not grow too much).
  5. Show bike rocks. the entire digital console and Tuff-up tube would give a charm, and he took the lamp is a requirement. u can tell me how much of Hero Honda is charging more than the previous version. lighthouse and expanded the tank gave a completely new look. Hero Honda is the best bike is comaprison ..... good job ........ hh installation maintenance battery has a very good step, hopefully this time they developed the engine correctly and paying attention to the mileage. There are a lot of complaints about the mileage than the previous version gives less mileage then the rest of the bikes sagment itself. New graphics are very eye appealing
  6. Maruti Alto is fun to drive, easy to use, maintenance is cheaper and also of Maruti, so resale value is very good.Alto is a brilliant car prices. With eyes as Alto is head high, and certainly has males compared with smooth muscle Verna, a small town, sick as Fiesta sedan segment input Alto rocks!
  7. Hi Firend, Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures because i like see really pictures ..
  8. Perfect car, a Subaru WRX STI. 4 or 5 the ability of the door, depending on the year, 300 hp, 4-wheel drive Subaru and reliability. Just make sure you know how to drive stick, causing the 6-speed clutch has a ruthless (I learned to drive in a Subaru Legacy Spec B, which has the same trans, and it's so hard to get started unless you are dumping the clutch every time you go out) A Subaru Legacy GT Spec B would also be good. Performance Turbo, 4 door, 4 wheel drive, a large suitcase, and Spec B. a Bilstein suspension towers sick. And do not stick to motorists GT comes in a 5-speed automatic w / sport shift. Also good would be the Audi A4 and A4 Avant (station wagon). A comfortable, 4-wheel drive, turbocharged, and performance. Plus you will get a lot of space Avant model.
  9. Black and brown first priority in the second. However, when I bought SPARK Black, bearing in mind I went to the extreme summers in northern India.
  10. It sounds like a good place to busy and too tired (material to be cut out of the engine to increase the transition, and relieves the block) V8, rear-wheel drive with AWD transaxle leave stuff. In addition, the V8 is lighter than the V10. A Supercharged 4.5 V8 making over 500 horsepower, with transmission less mechanical strength and weight in a car that is a few hundred pounds lighter than metal alternatives is ... It looks a bit like a screamer. And for lovers of BMW ... M3 will never be a mid-engine balance. Although more powerful, it behaves like a mid-engined car in terms of traction and handling. And nowhere on earth that looks as good as any R8. BMW is not the style of the game for some time, and do not compete with the R8, the successor of M1.
  11. After all is said and done, you'll have your hard earned spend on your A6, and some boards knob will tell you that you wasted your money because the Superb is a FAR better car for FAR cheaper. You just don't get that kind of s@#t when you buy an F10. I also think that the new E-Class is worth looking at, something different too. Restored after clean up. Cuss words are not permitted. If you must use an impolite term please disguise it. MODS sgiitk2011-06-18 09:06:17
  12. Post deleted: Useless one-liner. BornFree2011-06-16 06:41:40
  13. Post deleted: Useless one-liner. BornFree2011-06-16 06:44:18
  14. Yes Figo will be a difficult challenge in his class. I tried titanium diesel version today. Was very good. Good quality training, at the back and an excellent start space.Found power 70PS be adequate. But once the turbo is less comapred to the Ritz or diesel i20. Only discordant note is the lack of rear electric windows. But the dealers are willing to give them an additional cost of about Rs.3000 / -. The price on the road in Bangalore is around Rs.6, 37,600 / -. Also a little disappointed when the dealers before the official message of prices is used to indicate that the top model will be under 6Lakh. For the diesel version seems to be Milega 20KM / L.
  15. Angel

    Audi a8

    The Audi a8 look so attrtive and features are so expansive..
  16. I like the fact that Bajaj has increased the power and kept the weight low. In other words, this means more power for the rider not the bike. Compare it with my GS150R @ 150K, diff 30Kilo! But I'm still not convinced that Bajaj is concerned about the quality. And yes, design and branding, a 150 cc bike should speak for itself. it will not.
  17. Hi, Just check out the 125 CC Yamaha Gladiator.Its road.It comfortable.Average km long and 65 additions look at everything, and the average comfort.As in its mechanical design is a concern. U woory not just about Yamaha bcoz that are known to be maintenance-free.
  18. Fazer is the best bike in this category, but that the launch date. I think Yamaha 250cc Fazer push sales if launched, but some officers say the company has no plans to Yamaha this bike.So Please give full details of this bike and start date.
  19. Been looking at the two standard versions of these two for awhile now. Will go to my BMW dealer to look at and roll me think. I disagree with Kawaskifreak F800ST may seem expensive, but compared with the new Yamaha FZ in this spec also its very good value, and probably as much fun. Without chain with the bonus and much better mpg. In the long term these reasons, and generally waste BMW, I know where my money is or will be underway.
  20. FZ series has been presented as a sport touring bike in the world wide.So if the bike will be a better torque curve is not necessary, march 6
  21. It has more power, run the lowest octane possible without detonation. Low resistance to detonation octane fuel, which is basically the fuel "explosive" inside the cylinder and does not burn quickly and smoothly. Thus, the high-octane fuels, are usually more difficult to burn, especially at low engine compressor. Remember also that when an octane booster says he will raise the octane level of 10 points, a "point" is typically 0.1 octane. Remember to read the bottle carefully.
  22. @Dinesh Your cars and bike pictures are look so cool and nice photo shoot great job... Angel watch how you refer to fellow members. None of the Hi stuff! sgiitk2011-06-10 09:20:54
  23. Reet aw, I want to comment on the FZ1, I fireblades previously owned, Gsxr `s etc and they were good! fast, precise handling, nice body and beautiful. But I got to work closer to home I found a real alternative to commuting by bicycle, so that passing a dealership.xjr yamaha, too big! R6 too small, so the FZ1 reet.i just to try it and was blown away by its handling and performance, ideal for my needs all day, no more numb bum, sore wrist and walk like John Wayne, when I saw the car. This issue will commute and tour and tour for two persons with luggage is not bother.its final tie tool, I have yet to take the road, but I think I `ll be scraped her nails! But if I understand I `ll be wrong in my ass! I am 34 going 18, but I love this bike! makes it sweet, as you'll see I'm from Wigan, Lancashire, United Kingdom, much love, a happy horse independently run, Mick.