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  1. drkunaldas

    LPG & CNG?

    i have 3 questions. Q1. What is lambda and its function? how does it differ from advancer? Q2. Are CNG kits interchangable between cars? e.g can a CNG kit in Santro can be removed and fitted in to Esteem? Q3. Which sedans are most suited for CNG conversion?
  2. Hi guys, Want to share a problem. I have a Santro Euro 2, 1999. Till now my daily driving was ~25-30 kms/day. But now it has increased to ~80-100 kms/day. Wish to install a CNG kit. Which kit is best? Have few names from survey - Tomasto, Bedini, Lenzo, BRC etc. wish to take suggestion from actual users (especially from Delhi / NOIDA) who have installed CNG kits in their cars about which brand and which pl;ace to do the installation? also heard all kit are not approved for all cars. heard only Bedini kit is approved for Santro 1999 model. please advice as i am spending almost 1000 bucks every 3 days.
  3. The Logan Petrol 1.4 and also 1.6 Suckss , would never go into Logan Petrol not would i suggest anyone to go for it , i personally feel you should wait for the Swift Sedan which will be launched withing 3 -4 months Regards, Priya Swift sedan could be launched earlier. may be as early as in Jan 2008
  4. this pictures are of older Jazz not the new 2008 model launched in tokyo motor show. Jazz or Fit is very popular in Japan
  5. About Fiat Linea, there is a lot of confusion. The price range mentioned ranges from 6.5 lacs- 10 lacs. Is it a SX4 competitor or in corolla/civic range?
  6. According to my info, A-star will be lauched this year (June 2008) and splash in 2009.
  7. Yes, i felt have the same. They always seem to suggest replacements. I have a Santro(1999). once i had a problem with the iginiton switch. I had to press the key to start my car. I showed to one so-called service advisor at hyundai during one of the paid services. He suggested me replaced of the whole unit costing ~Rs 7000/-. I refused and i went to Hyundai Motor Plaza, Delhi (Sarita Vihar). They opened the lock and tightened a screw. Thats all. I never had any problem till now. 2 years have elapsed since then. I have seen the Hyundai service advisors promote De-carbonising services very much. It is better to ask them why the specific service is required or not say yes to all they want. Just be careful.
  8. What about accleration of CEDIA with LPG kit. does it go down considerably like LPG-WagonR?
  9. Great. But the Japanese thing is not correct. In JAPAN no body horns, not even the bicycles.
  10. drkunaldas

    Swift Lxi

    i think you should check out i10. Someone reported a mileage of 21.7 km/l. and it good interiors as well. see before you leap...buddy
  11. my head also says new car is better than having a old car. no doubt that there is a golden period, but you will have to be very lucky to get a good second hand car. I think new Alto higher spec or Santro base version will suit you good.
  12. This is great figures. 21.7 km/l is aweosome. i see you have used Shell superunleaded petrol. What is that? what is its octane no? is it same as speed of BPCL? Do you use this shell petrol regularly and what is mileage of your previous car?
  13. What about the after sales service, spare part costs and long-term review of Mahindra Logan petrol, GM aveo 1.4/1.6? if anybody who owns these cars please respond?
  14. Hi everybody, Thanks for your overwhelming response. You have suggested many options. I would like to know which sedan has the best safety features (incl. airbags and ABS). the cars in my mind are SX4 Zxi, Logan 1.4/1.6 petrol/1.5Diesel lower spec, Aveo 1.4, Fiesta 1.4/1.6, Verna petrol. Please advise within my budget of 5-6 lacs. Max strech upto 6.5L. i know SX4 ZXi is the best VFM but it is out of budget. Are any of the next yr lauches like Fabia / Liana / others likely to fit my budget.