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  1. Does all Hyundai I20 comes with MDPS system..?
  2. Hey thanks guys for all info, I will definitely read the ACI and Vipul I have already contacted Mr. Rodricks( about it and probably i would be flying shortly to Mumbai to meet him lets c how well it goes. Just hoping for the best....
  3. HI Well I found out some interesting thing thought to share it.
  4. Do you have any info about any someone/workshop (anywhere in India) whom i can contact to test the suggestions
  6. I had tried WagonR but felt little difficult so is i20/Alto steering lighter than WagonR.?
  7. So I can try Steer By Wire and see if it helps me. are these modification come/done by manufacturer or do i have to get it done from open market. if u have any idea about it
  8. How helpful it would be if i go with Steer By Wire and Electric Power Steering modification?
  9. @ sgiitk : Yes sir i have contacted Maruti & Tata but was not much of help as making modification for one vehicle is not feasible for them. Thats the reason i am looking for a qualified engineer who could help me in this. @ TSiVipul : Thanks a lot pal for the concern and advice, i appreciate that. Talking about the sudden steering inputs on street/roads/in traffic, thats is the main reason i am looking for the modification coz i can drive A/T with Power steering car on straight roads using a Universal knob, but i does not fulfill my purpose. And these does not fulfill my purpose is because of the risk factor you have mentioned, and thats the reason i am looking for a modification. It would be really great help if any could help me in finding some one who is qualified in doing these kind of modifications.
  10. Hi As i said that i could not put sufficient pressure/force to trun the steering wheel while taking turns, even with power steering . I am not sure how benificial it would be to use a scooter type handle coz even it require force to move/turn it. But probably could try that as my right arm is stronger than the left so using the scooter type handle might work out but have to try before saying YES. Mainly i was looking if some one can modify the power steering in such a way that i would not have to use lot of strength to turn the vehicle. To let you know i did not feel any difficulty driving vehicle on road except while taking turns and moving the wheels while vehicle is in halt.
  11. Hi,I am Vasanth K Sandli, I am a Physically challenged person. I am suffering form Muscular dystrophy, it is a disorder that involve muscle weakness and loss of muscle tissue. Due to this I have difficulty to take up the public transportation I thought of owning a car. When I contacted the Learning school they informed that I could not drive a four wheeler (even power steering) with out a proper modification as i do not have strength in both the hands I had difficulty while taking the turns while driving. I could not put sufficient pressure/force on steering to turn the steering wheel. Though I took time and tried to learn with out modification but failed on all the three attempts. I contacted few manufacturers but even they could not help me in this as they cannot put manpower for one single vehicle. I also contacted few local garages but they do not have technology or the expertise to do that kind of modification. I was wondering if there is any one who could do such modification according to requirements. Waiting for response from any one...