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  1. I meant 100 lakh , not cr, sorry for the typo, peace ashi I don't want to carry this further, but please see my point, I disagreed, not wanted to disrespect anyone., thanks
  2. Mr saraf YOU DO NOT, I repeat , DO NOT have to apologize for anything . A life has been lost, that is of paramount concern here, and experienced old timers are a car like polo , doubting servicing, and what not. I have no issues with the Polo or anyone, but for godsake, we have lost someone AND its enraging to compare a VW hatch from a different accident to the flagship of Mercedes , and recommending / applauding it is sheer lunacy. I am not trying to create friction / get into a war of words amongst forum members, just want to EXHORT ,that its just that our attention should be towards the culprit , be it the dealer/service center/parent company, and lets stick to that in this thread , at least, and not plus one non related posts, like the one I pointed out. Going by the same hare brained logic, people have survived horrific accidents in "considered to be made of cardboard/ tin pots" like m800,zen etc so its totally uncalled for to follow the typical mindset of ours, which is to compare, in such a situation. I am not against anyone/ any brand, its just really sad to see stripped down versions , " tuned for Indian conditions" engines , and comparatively spartan features that are fed to the gullible here.Its not just in d segment or suv's, but even hatches/sedans vary in their features, brand to brand, country to country. A brand like Honda, god knows how it has come to be been considered " premium" in our country, offers just two airbags for the Jazz in any variant , while the us spec car gets side air bags and additional safety gizmos. And this is just one example, where brands have cashed in on their over hyped images to cut back on vital features, which happen to be safety ones in most cases. IF YOU WANT TO LOOT , LOOT, but for god sake Don't compromise on Safety, That is the message I want to send OUT in the highest octave to any body who is reading this, especially to AUTO-COS and the Govt. who themselves have no bother in the world about such important issues. ABS, EBD , and air bags , rather than being made customary, are still branded as " security features" by auto-cos to the less informed, which is really a double standard . I don't knows if ARAI or whichever is the authority vs a vs the NCAP for crash testing in our country, there ought to be a tough set of rules/specifications that have to be met w.r.t security as well as performance of any auto, be it 2 ,3,4 or multi legged. Take full legal action Mr saraf, wishing you best of luck for justice to prevail now.
  3. My heartfelt condolences to you Mr Saraf. This calamity indeed highlights the state of auto sector in our country, no matter how much any journo may debate how much the automobile scene in our country has improved, I still feel the autocos still haven't given enough value for their cars ,especially in excess of 20 lakh with stripped down versions of their international cousins and what not.This incident is prime e.g of the over hyped "premium" companies ripping our countrymen economically and in this case , of the most invaluable thing , human life. The concept, of bigger the car, more the metal, stronger car shell , especially in big sedans/suv's is so overblown by the very same companies, in every country, be it developed or not, that we often get carried away with that " I am in a well built car I am safe mentality ". Most people I find , not just in India, but in USA/UK or similar developed nations , too agree on this hyper blown trend.In the states, I see more females driving suv's than sedans/hatches with idea of the SUV keeping them safe in their minds ! Although, the very same companies have indeed come out with a lot of security enhancements, the driving scene in our country is so bad, that even a sensible driver , at any speed , be it 40 or 100 plus, is equally exposed to mortal risks, irrespective of the car make/build. The situtation in India is so different, where animals,3 wheelers, lorries , trucks and what not share thesame spcae we call city/town roads and highways. YOU CANNOT COMPARE THE POLO ACCIDENT to this one,just like no two cars are same, no two accidents are the same, so its so lame to cheer on for a car like polo, especially when we are seeing here a car like S class has failed to protect its occupant. IF a S can't take it, then I am sure a polo will be carted across like a golf ball . pun intended. And dd sir, I see no logic in bringing princess Diana's accident here. That crash was a very , very high speed crash in excess of 150 km/h, if I remember correctly, and the car,which probably an M or a higher version,that crashed into a wall or an intersection and the driver was drunk trying to out speed the chasing reporters,, so here it was kiosks and Mr saraf I am sure would not have been doing more than 100km/h since the truck was parallel at the time of impact,,so his car certainly had a MUCH MUCH BETTER CHANCE TO WITHSTAND impact. MY SINCERE REQUEST to the forum members, is to keep posts around the same topic, especially after seeing kudos and recommendations to polos,, or whether the car was appropriately serviced,the latter probably the lamest post I have seen . It takes away the focus from callosity shown by a much more respected and considered bullet proof company towards the very customers who have made them this big. Nothing can replace what you have lost sir, and I totally support you in your stand against MB, I pray for Mr Nirmal's soul's peace and may you find some redemption amongst all this. If I have sounded a bit harsh , then I am sorry , but could not control my emotions when I saw posts regarding servicing/ cars comparison in light of such unfortunate accident having had happened.