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  1. Hello everyone 

    Just read that the Indian Ecosport got 4 stars in NHTSA ratings in 2019. 

    But is it the car we get to buy in India ? 

    I read somewhere that close to 150 alterations were made to the car sold in India that went for testing . And it probably isn't the same car sold in India . Is this true ? Shall be attaching that source from a post on Team BHP. Because I am considering to buy a compact Suv soon. Going for safety over ride comfort and features if I go for Ecosport. Don't want to go for the Mahindra engined Ecosport as I have had bad experience with Mahindra In the past. So is the Ecosport on par with say a Duster ? Or is it just a thick metalled version like Scorpio which cud deceive the image created if it goes to GNCAP testing in 2020 ?

  2. Though your comment was not connected to my post directly but still i had to write because your comments and the language used by you' date=' are driven by mere emotions and clearly indicate your bias towards a particular brand and disrespect towards other members. [/quote']

    When you say my post is driven by emotion, you do not bother to realise why its not just about emotions alone. By merely twisting the "language" from my post you cannot derive most of what you replied above.

    Mr saraf is not looking for sympathy, is something to be understood, not said. Even he has understood the meaning of my post, So I only wonder why you have come up with all this, even as you admit you were not mentioned.

    When you say I am taking plight, yes sir, If you ask someone who has lost a loved one, that too in such a car, and someone asks about servicing , you don't need rocket science to understand that a customer who can get a 100 cr masterpiece will ever think of saving dough on servicing. and to inform you, IT WAS NOT ME WHO POSTED THIS, I will not name, as you have already read that post.So do not accuse me of doubting servicing, You are just twisting the "language" to get your baseless point through.

    Those were my disagreements, NOT DISRESPECT towards any member.. Even after this someone is offended I sincerely apologize.

    OK , you want to compare, fine do it. But you want to compare an S to each and every production car in this country? now are you not getting driven away by god knows what emotions? going by what you say , we can fairly assume, you can compare a S to a Nano, with all due respect to the brilliant concept and the finished product the Nano is which i also happen to like, for a similar incident ? Will you?

    NO TWO ACCIDENTS ARE THE SAME, LIKE TWO CARS ARE NOT THE SAME, I repeat, and lets say, we go by what you are trying to say, in literary terms, you are comparing a well built david ( a polo) to a goliath ( s).talking militarily, its like comparing a T- 90 tank to a assault vehicle.

    Still if you want to compare, compare the S to a car of similar lineage(audi/bmw/rolls etc , and a phaeton , not even passat in this case), for  parity and common sense's sake, and not stick to your rather "extreme" yardstick of every production car in the country.

    "The japanese car will outlast you, while the german will always save you", I am sure as an experienced Aci'an you would know of this, still if want to compare I request you not to , as a car lover who has had cars in our family from m800 right to the e 250 cdi , both of which  have been like family members to us, I would never compare any of them to each other, for emotional/practical/common sense's reason. YOU ONLY ADD SALT to Mr saraf's tragedy by comparing a polo to  the S . I cannot be more blunt , but talking off the topic, neutrally as a petrol head , I was outraged to see that comparison, comparison accident to accident included. If u think I took plight, have the courage to think how Mr saraf would have felt on seeing the comparison.

    And talking of me being against a particular brand, you again trudge of , I am against the habit of ALL BRANDS of not offering the features vs a vis their international versions. I have already mentioned in my previous posts , which is ,well a known fact ,amongst car lovers and even the uninformed car buyers. The vista between versions offered in our country was a big one in the past, although it has improved,Still there is a lot of payback the auto cos have to do .\w.r.t safety ,features and v.f.m.

    Hope you get what I mean, peace........

  3. Mr saraf YOU DO NOT, I repeat , DO NOT have to apologize for anything .

    A life has been lost, that is of paramount concern here, and experienced old timers are smiley32.gif  a car like polo , doubting servicing, and what not. I have no issues with the Polo or anyone, but for godsake, we have lost someone AND  its enraging to compare a VW hatch from a different accident to the flagship of Mercedes , and recommending / applauding it is sheer lunacy.

     I am not trying to create friction / get into a war of words amongst forum members, just want to EXHORT ,that its just that our attention should be towards the culprit , be it the dealer/service center/parent company, and lets stick to that in this thread , at least, and not plus one non  related posts, like the one I pointed out.

    Going by the same hare brained logic, people have survived horrific accidents in "considered to be made of cardboard/ tin pots" like m800,zen etc so its totally uncalled for to follow the typical mindset of ours, which is to compare, in such a situation.

    I am not against anyone/ any brand, its just really sad to see stripped down  versions , " tuned for Indian conditions" engines , and comparatively spartan features that are fed to the gullible here.Its not just in d segment or suv's, but even hatches/sedans vary in their features, brand to brand, country to country. A brand like Honda, god knows how it has come to be been considered " premium" in our country, offers just two airbags for the Jazz in any variant , while the us spec car gets side air bags and additional safety gizmos. And this is just one example, where brands have cashed in on their over hyped images to cut back on vital features, which happen to be safety ones in most cases.

    IF YOU WANT TO LOOT , LOOT, but for god sake Don't compromise on Safety, That is the message I want to send OUT in the highest octave to any body who is reading this, especially to AUTO-COS and the Govt. who themselves have no bother in the world about such important issues.

    ABS, EBD , and air bags , rather than being made customary, are still branded as " security features" by auto-cos to the less informed, which is really  a double standard .

    I don't knows if ARAI or whichever is the authority vs a vs the NCAP for crash testing in our country, there ought to be a tough set of rules/specifications that have to be met w.r.t security as well as performance of any auto, be it 2 ,3,4 or multi legged.

    Take full legal action Mr saraf, wishing you best of luck for justice to prevail now.

  4. My heartfelt condolences to you Mr Saraf.

    This calamity indeed highlights the state of auto sector in our country, no matter how much any journo may debate how much the automobile scene in our country has improved, I still feel the autocos still haven't given enough value for their cars ,especially in excess of 20 lakh with stripped down versions of their international cousins and what not.This incident is prime e.g of the over hyped "premium" companies ripping our countrymen economically and in this case , of the most invaluable thing , human life.

    The concept, of bigger the car, more the metal, stronger car shell , especially in big sedans/suv's is so overblown by the very same companies, in every country, be it developed or not, that we often get carried away with that " I am in a well built car I am safe mentality ". Most people I find , not just in India, but in USA/UK or similar developed nations , too agree on this hyper blown trend.In the states, I see more females driving suv's than sedans/hatches with idea of the SUV keeping them safe in their minds !

    Although,  the very same companies have indeed come out with a lot of security enhancements, the driving scene in our country is so bad, that even a sensible driver , at any speed , be it 40 or 100 plus, is equally exposed to mortal risks, irrespective of the car make/build. The situtation in India is so different, where animals,3 wheelers, lorries ,  trucks and what not share thesame spcae we call city/town roads and highways.

    YOU CANNOT COMPARE THE POLO ACCIDENT to this one,just like no two cars

    are same, no two accidents are the same, so its so lame to cheer on for a car like polo, especially when we are seeing here a car like S class has failed to protect its occupant. IF a S  can't take it, then I am sure a polo will be carted across like a golf ball . pun intended.

    And dd sir, I see no logic in bringing princess Diana's accident here. That crash was a very , very high speed crash in excess of 150 km/h, if I remember correctly, and the car,which probably an M or a higher version,that crashed into a wall or an intersection and the driver was drunk trying to out speed the chasing reporters,, so here it was kiosks and Mr saraf I am sure would not have been doing more than 100km/h since the truck was parallel at the time of impact,,so his car certainly had a MUCH MUCH BETTER CHANCE TO WITHSTAND impact.

    MY SINCERE REQUEST to the forum members, is to keep posts around the same topic, especially after seeing kudos and recommendations to polos,, or whether the car was appropriately serviced,the latter probably the lamest post I have seen .

    It takes away the focus from callosity shown by a much more respected and considered bullet proof company towards the very customers who have made them this big.

    Nothing can replace what you have lost sir, and I totally support you in your stand against MB, I pray for Mr Nirmal's soul's peace and may you find some redemption amongst all this.

    If I have sounded a bit harsh , then I am sorry , but could not control my emotions when I saw posts regarding servicing/ cars comparison in light of   such unfortunate accident having had happened.

  5. The car looks neat and descent than the jazz editions.

    The car certainly looks neat, but how do you compare it to the jazz? the interiors of this car scream " cost cutting" , carrying on the trend of 3rd gen city. The new jazz, even with beige interiors looks classier than the city , leave alone the Brio.

    Was totally appalled to see the glass only rear, one can imagine Honda dieting on its pricing, but compromising safety is another thing.

    The upsides which cheered me though, is the thought of almost 90 horses pulling this size zero babe , and I am sure the enthusiasts will surely drool over this stunner.

    The creamish / beige interiors combined with the electric blue color did not match , in my view, but certainly , interiors are any day better than a liva.

    If honda manages to keep the base at 4-4.2 lakhs, and even then the swift doesnt take a hit, I wonder what will give it one then, as the Brio looks to posses all the underpinnings of the ultimate economy hatch , the crown the Swift still manages to maintain.

  6. The jazz has class leading rear leg room of 91 cm, which is the same as that of the City. Only the vista and fabia have similar/greater leg space at the back.

    At front, the punto and i20 have great leg space, but the same is compromised at the back.

    Swift , punto, i20, i10,alto,spark,a star ,beat,polo all have cramped rear seats, with the alto,beat,spark feeling cramped at the front as well.

    amongst rear leg space= Jazz/vista/fabia

    amongst front leg space- i20/vista/punto/

    You cannot hope to get the same product quality from tata/mahindra as that of a honda or volkswagen , still I think you can refer to Honda people for customizing your front seat.

  7. Was skimming through news on when I found this, and on further search on google found this.

    Honda is recalling certain Fit subcompact cars from the 2009 and 2010

    model years to fix a problem with their engines that could cause them

    to stall unexpectedly.


    has announced a recall of 700,000 Fits worldwide, with 97,000 in the

    U.S., for a problem with valvetrain springs, which may break and cause

    the engine to stall.

    The recall has caused no injuries so far, yet Honda is taking no

    chances: the recall covers the Fit, the Freed and the City models across

    world markets. There are 122,000 vehicles affected in North America in

    total, and the rest include 176,000 in Japan, 156,000 in China, and

    233,000 in other Asian countries.

    72 reports of the valvetrain problem in Japan prompted the recall, and 29 more complaints came from elsewhere in the world.

    There are four spring assemblies that are part of a well-known Honda

    system called VTEC, which controls the engine

  8. Sure buddy, will get back to you reg the cruze,

    Guess what, the new cruze , apart from more power, will get a better designed rear. So it seems GM is really responding to the buyers and ensuring an already hot seller snips its shortcomings.

    About the 2nd hand market I have frankly very little idea, although I have been reading a lot about people finding "gems" . Well its just me, I have never suggested 2nd hands to anyone till date , not that I have had a bad experience with them, but then its just me. Still, finding a worshiped beauty is a great thing, and I am sure requires a lot of networking.

  9. In my view, The etios is any day a much more fun to drive car than any of its opponents and gives the best VFM amongst the entry level sedans.

    The accent is a great option,appears much more premium than the etios, but is no match for the space,engine and the ride quality the etios offers. Add to that the etios is a really sprint friendly car, liked by enthusiasts of all ilk including even Topgun drivers like karun chandhok .

    sounds like a Toyota pr guy???? hell no, but I really like this car with regards to what all it offers when compared to the entry level sedans.

    With etios you are getting the roomiest cabin( vis a vis is the manza), great acceleration, chiller ac, suspension that is well suited for the typical indian roads, and the reliability of Toyota, it surely ticks more parameters than the dzire,manza,accent,fiesta etc.

  10. More than the problems with the car, the problem lies with the typical mindset of people, when it comes to buying a car in this segment especially.

    My cousin , who bought a cruze Ltz auto , faced similar issues when he went car shopping probably a year or so back.

    He had a similar budget of around 20 lakhs, and being a car freak himself, he bought it despite facing flak from his people who perhaps had other choices.

    When I managed to take her for a spin, I was totally blown away, reminiscent of the rush I got from the Laura tsi, . The central console spiked my hormones further and the overall driving experience including handling got that "kid like gaping jaw" emotion I still carry about the super certified diesel rocket.

    Every car has problems, people have had horrors with skoda A$$ and spare parts controversies , civic's paltry low end torque and gc, altis's " boring and uninspiring driving experience" , and so on .

    Although some of these problems arise from genuine reasons, some of these can be sorted by a little change in driving style and possible after market changes/ going for the right variant.

    Let me not into go in further nitty gritty, but the Cruze has two big problems mainly, plastics that do not belong to the segment , and cramped rear space. The auto box helps drive ability in the city ,and does full justice on the freeway as well.

    My cousin , who had driven almost all cars mentioned in this thread,as well as some well above the budget he had in his mind, zeroed in for The cruze purely for the driving pleasure it gives him.

    I have myself driven it to my usual red lining style, and the Car is simply PAISA VASOOL "VFM" if you are looking for a diesel car for driving pleasure.

    The jetta, old one, never stoked my emotions, hence I reserve my comments on it. no idea about the new one.

    Do inquire when the new cruze is coming out, there was some news about the a new power plant coming that hikes the power to around 163 ps, which I am sure will only heighten the already amazing value of this car.

    The after sales of GM is much better than skoda and vw, and this was a deal breaker for him  in Punjab, at that time, when I asked him about the laura.

    TD all your cars, I am sure the cruze will not disappoint a driver ever, not sure about rear occupants though,

  11. .

    -Rear Seating Space is improved now' date=' almost by around 2-inches.



    buddy  , not by two inches, its a increase of 20-24 mm each as given my MSIL officially ,in the rear and front respectively, which is an inch almost  , although I found it still not as roomy to my idea of seating of 3 people at the back....

    Clearly tv ads built up helluva hype around the new swift baby, MSIL could have used the length more effectively within the cabin rather than just putting more in elongating the bonnet.

    Never mind that, it appears more premium than the oldie swift, and hence is the best buy for a diesel hatch , vis a vis i20.

  12. I think a caska/jvc head unit couple with map my India maps is the ultimate combo for gps needs.

    If you have a latest high end phone , you can link that up as well, it functions as good to get you to the destination , in a feed your destination and get back to home fashion.

    Read more on this, I think you will get your answers -

  13. tejas, I think the jetta is a diesel only car, but since he already

    drives a diesel verna  I think he would more conversant with diesel


    Hey rohan, I don't know if you like her, But the Sonata is a great car by her own, albeit a forgotten one . Its a little old going by market age,also the market didn't accept it much , but it gives a lot of value at its price. Has staggering cabin space, decent interiors and I think you can squeeze the dealer a lot on discounts given that the car has not sold that well. One of my friend has an embera, and he is totally satisfied with it.

    also , its a hyundai , you might like it! Do ride it , I like the embera quite a lot, it has terrific road presence and is a joy to drive as well.

  14. Swift launch eclipsed by a resurgent Jazz' date=' remains to be seen how the

    situation pans out in the future. Brio and Hyundai HA will add spice to

    the already boiling cauldron. Players have to prepare for wafer thin

    margins as the 'biggies' stoop to conquer.


    sir, I really doubt if the masses will really realise the value of the jazz and thus make a dent to to swift, even in its petrol version. although a lot of swift petrol buyers have warmed up to the jazz, I am still sceptical whether the jazz can really dislodge the swift petrol. It will only be next year when a diesel heart gives life to Honda that swift would be really threatened.

    I feel swift will lead nevertheless, thanks to diesels followed by i20 in the same bracket, while jazz should now be  a very close no.2 amongst petrols to swift, and perhaps snatch it from it in the coming time.

    I went today to see the new swift, expected a lot from it given the brouhaha over it, but came back having almost the same feeling I had after tding the petrol verna,

    It still doesn't touch Jazz as a premium car as well as VFM car.


  15. in petrols- laura tsi ambiente- best ride,acceleration,handling this side of 20 lakhs, service is not that bad as its made out to be in some areas, currently great offers are on, you can get the same for around 14 l on road delhi.

    civic- powerful, was perhaps the most spacious before fluence came in, pretty powerful, would recommend this only if you can wait till january when the new civic comes, and I totally expect a Jazz type clearance sale somewhere around the holiday season, so you can get a great deal if honda manages to slash it to around 11-12 lakhs or even less .

    altis- the ultimate ride of the class, in terms rear seat comfort,best ride quality amongst all the sub 20 lakh cars, great fuel efficiency, backed by toyota , ticks most boxes if you are buying it for fuel efficiency, ride comfort and family.

     cruze- diesel rocket, monster of an engine, great value for highway swoops ,I personally like its central console the most amongst all sub 20 l cars, otherwise the plastics and interiors are neither as spacious or premium w.r.t the other cars. go for automatic ltz variant which will top out over 16 lakhs as the manual clutch , as pointed out by durango sir is a real pain ...........

    fluence- the most "new" looking car , I personally liked the car, the petrol version is the one to gofor as its decently loaded while the diesel mill is a very stripped version, its now the segment leader in legroom at front and rear, I am sure renault has some plans to stay in india, do inquire about service in your area, its a gamble at this stage to for it, though.

    if i was to put my big bucks it would be either a current civic at a clearance price/ laura ambiente tsi in petrols / altis in that order depending on how my people react to them.

    and in the diesels- altis diesel(the most complete car overall)/cruze( if you don't mind cramped rear space)

    personally, I don't think diesel cars should be considered, provided your 1000km runs , if you can wait , laura rider sport might come around in october, its the ultimate drivers car of this segment, do inquire about it as well.

  16. component speakers at the back will be much better, the quality of sound is a highlight of these ones, go for the current latest jbl series, since you have a terrific budget, like bala said, go for a dual channel amp at front, and 4 channel at the back for the component speakers and bass tube. I reckon, the bass tube/subwoofer enhances sound quality ,even though you can keep the bass settings to your liking.

    headunit- JVC , the best range in my view,go for a 7 inch  or so , one that includes a rear parking cam if you want/ dvd player to complete the effect/sat nav.

    for amps-jbl/sony/blau( no pioneers )

    coaxial cables-scosche ! thats the name......

    speakers-jbl!!!!!!!!!!!! they are the best.......

    go on buddy, spend some green on your audio box, I am sure this set up would be simply "drooool " once you play it.

  17. fireblade, translated as " aag ki chhuri" ( sorry if the name downplays its image"), looks like the typical muscle sports bike. Its been a favourite with the modifiers too.

    grew up playing with trump card games of such super bikes as a child,  too bad, the insane import duties put these dream machines at even more sinister prices.

  18. 8000/ cut for the i20? that is really like "flash in the pan" , or like "throwing peanuts to a camel".

    If the junta realises the potential of the new Jazz , then it may even topple the evergreen hatch king, swift, at least in petrol's, till the time a diesel heart arrives.

    I expect the swift and jazz to slug it out in petrol's for commercial supremacy, while the swift to snatch the diesel crown back from i20 diesel.

  19. 1.1 million dollars for this super armored bus, an undisclosed amount for  The Beast, commonly known as the Limo one/ Cadillac one, which is a real life "bat mobile" super car by itself. Phenomenal.

    Clearly, the roads in the states are really big , good and safe enough for presidents to travel with a massive cavalcade of 24 odd support cars and bikes.

    here in India, one finds the blatant use of choppers , defended by our "upright and ethical" politicians as helping in keeping up up with the timely progress of the state. No wonder the very same lot has little interest in creating similar roads in our country, be it cities or country side.

    The world's no.1 job surely has its perks.

  20. Thank you rameshbabu, I am so much in love with my new Jazz , that all I see is Jazz these days, !!! My bad for not reading properly, that too the second line smiley9.gif!!!!

    Actually the set up I had planned, was chalked out majorly by friend who has a similar monster set up in his ritz , and his car literally ROCKS LIKE A BOOMBOX every time he plays a hip hop or a punjabi track , thats why I was eager to tell it, has fabulously crisp sound quality overall.

    I think for the jazz genre, the focus should be totally on clarity and overall effect,rather than a bass centric set up, there is relatively lesser focus on bass usually in those songs, maybe a woofer / bass tube would come into use very less.

    Go for terrific amps( sony/jbl/blau are "heard" and ""found" to be the ultimate by audiophiles I know, followed up equally co axials from jbl or scoch, can't remember the name of latter , my friend has them , will tell you later on asking him , the exact set up he has, and in case he recommends anything particular for the jazz genre.

    thank you for correcting my " stupidest and craziest derivative of my obsession with the Jazz"

  21. Kms driven monthly - 1200 kms

    Bodyshell - Sedan/SUV

    City/Highway split - 60:40

    Max No.of Passangers - 2 most of the time

    Boot space Importance - Medium

    Usage by - enthu

    Ownership - City

    Safety - anything

    Prime requirement - acceleration/handling/ride/features

    for 1200 kms a month,suggested-petrol

     max passengers 2 at a time, suggested- not much of rear comfort/legspace

    bootspace-medium suggested - almost all sedans are same here.

    usage - enthu  suggested - sedan as your city splt is 60 pc, which favors a sedan more than a suv

    safety- anything- devil, if you are spending well, you better make this anything to  ULTIMATE, why, ?

    cause your prime requirement- acceleration/handling/ride features

    I don't know why you are jetting for JETTA.?

    when you have the fabulous LAURA L and  K , I think it tops out your budget of 20 lakhs, is a dream car for many speed freaks to own and drive.

    the cruze maybe a diesel rocket, yes. the ltz auto surely unleashes a lot of raw power, but I would still recommend laura l and k anyday if budget allows.

    why? - interiors, in cruze they are simply, unremarkable, the ride quality of laura is much better, and handling , well , is the hallmark of laura, though pretty good in the cruze as well. Both cars are made to be driven.

    although both cars are tanks, I would feel safer in a Laura which is almost 1500 odd kgs.

    both cars are the benchmarks of handling and power in cars this side of 20 lakhs.

    The jetta. the new one I have not driven , still, I cannot comment on it.

    I think the Laura rider sport too is coming back , which well is another story in its own, for an enthusiast nothing works like a rider sport, , nothing this side of 20 lakhs, do inquire about it

  22. So you plan to do away with the cute roundsy dialsy head unit of the jazz?

    for head units- JVC/SONY -7 inch , touch screen if you like,

    preferably - one amp for the front speakers, one for the rears, the jazz has great stock speakers, still stock ones for rear. choice is entirely yours, do not go for pioneers, had a bad experience, go for either sony/jbl

    BASS TUBE /WOOFER to be kept in the boot, - this is only if you like your car to go ZOOOOM when a cool high bass note comes .AWESOME PUNCH anyways.

    jbl co axials,

    still, I would ask you to once hear the stock audio set of the jazz, it has served many audiophiles, including myself , well enough.

    I myself had drawn this audio plan for my jazz baby, its stock has impressed me completely.