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  1. seen a similar video on you tube about the vibrations and rattles, that one seemed scary to the point of being fake, Wonder they got lemons
  2. Amongst hatchbacks The Jazz at 7 lakhs on road, you will get , ok hold your breath, rear spoiler, sport alloys,height adjust,black beige interiors,auto orvm retract, RECLINING rear seats, the best rear seat amongst all hatches in the country. And to me, the JAZZ X in silver , looks like a stunning sports hatch , so go for this. if you plan to go for a hatch, still, and want to save lakh or two, then go for the Jazz base or the fully loaded Swift petrol. DO NOT go for any other hatch as of now. IN SEDANS city city all the way for petrols, a petrol verna or a petrol optra or a petrol fiesta don;t hold a candle to it in terms of handling, cabin comfort, sprightly performance and a soft smooth suspension.The fiesta comes in when handling and ride quality is concerned, but interiors and cabin space really mess it up. diesel sedans under 11 lakhs, close call between verna and vento. LDo tell what you decide. in short- hatches- jazz x/jazz select , or a swift vxi/jazz base sedans- petrol city s/v mt, diesel- vento/verna
  3. Creative echoed the same words of my friend who had told me about the jazz's massive price cut last month , when I returned the favour this morning. Well, apart from diesel i20 and swift, and also perhaps the petrol swift , I don't think any other hatch has anything going for them to challenge the new jazz now. For auto buffs like me, creative and everyone , we now what terrific quality Jazz offers at this price . But as Vr points out, sales chart, people's perception of what is a "hit" car and what not actually plays a big role in ensuring a product's success. Still, according to latest updates, the waiting period of the New jazz has tipped 3 months!!!! Its time to say- Why so serious, to at least the likes of polo,figo,i20 petrol,micra and others. And if people realize its value, then maybe swift petrol too might feel the heat. By the way, the new swift bookings have crossed 50,000, talking of feeling the heat !!!!!!!!!
  4. go for swift petrol vxi , if budget is tight, and if you can extend it to 6 lakhs, you can get jazz base model at that price. both swift and jazz are the best hatches in today's market, in terms of vfm,premium interiors, resale value. with swift- cheaper mainteinance, higher resale, service center in every part of india, ease of driving in interiors and looks, great features too. problems- can't seat 5 comfortably, still cramped rear seats, maruti cars are known to rattle and squeak 2-3 years after you bring them home. with jazz - class leading space, more cabin space than many sedans like fiesta,linea, etc. rear leg space same as that of city, which is the class leader in c segment, premium interiors, don't know how the new black and beige turn out like, but I still find my titanium/black interiors better than many cars above 10 lakhs too. RECLINING REAR seats- hope this clears out that the jazz is unmatched when it comes to rear passenger comfort . both are loaded with features now, maruti has little more features , a couple or so. If I were you, between beat and swift, I would close my eyes and go for swift.( bigger, racier , refined and well serviced than beat) Still . the jazz is a much superior car to the swift, so if you can stretch your budget for a better product, the choice is yours.
  5. If Honda pegs the Jazz at 5.99 lakhs ex showroom, on road prices for the same would be expected <6.5 lakhs delhi., so perhaps the select will come around to 6.7- 6.8 lakhs and the Jazz X would top out at around 7 lakhs and above. The max pricing on road , could be 6.7/6.9/7.2 lakhs for the 3 versions, anything above this will again be reminiscent of the old Jazz pricing , and that would make no sense again . As far as the looks go, The new Jazz seems to be all muscled up , and going by the pic of the silver Jazz X, the new prominent bonnet ridge and side ridges on doors, The Jazz X looks much more sportier than the cute old version of the same variant.Old Jazz- Cute ,Rounded, well fed look. New jazz- Leaner, Longer, Muscled.look. And if indeed the price predictions are true, then with class leading cabin space, interiors and engine , It seems to the ultimate premium petrol hatch, but the established image of Swift will still make it the best seller, despite the Jazz now offering the best VFM as well as premium value. I hope Honda includes ACC and Height adjust in Select, two features I sorely miss in my Jazz . After the stock clearing "sale" of the old jazz, interest is pretty high amongst customers. Lets see if Honda can strike gold , with perhaps its most value offering product overall.. One thing is certain, diesel Swifts and i20's will be untouched, lets see if The Jazz can do a City amongst the petrol hatches in its 2nd avatar.
  6. What all you have said are the hard,unsaid "naked" truths of life sir. For many a life's prized collection is a big sprawling mansion or a big spacious well done up house....for some its power and similarly many aspire to drive the car of their dreams I subscribe to policy of meeting one's needs, effectively and practically , irrespective of so called entities like "brand value" and "snob value. I was researching like a student since january for our new car, and after a rigmarole of test drives,opinions,ownership advices and all that jazz....we finally got our JAZZ....pun intended, as now I look back , falling for the City, then the Etios, and so on, that by the time we finally zeroed in on the Jazz , we knew what we really needed. To me this car buying and researching process really taught me one thing, one must never be misled by the magic of numbers, and two, what you just said, even if you have a budget of +50 lakhs, you must go for the car that really suits your needs rather than the usual mindset that comes along a car buying process. We had not set a budget this time, since we were buying a car after a really long time, still that feeling of "upgrading " from a hatch ( old maruti 800) to a "sedan" was heavy, weighing heavier than a premium hatch . At the time I started my research , it was either a premium sedan or a premium hatch with main need of space and driving pleasure. What I added later was the ease of driving in a city factor, which pulled it in favour of jazz added to the price cut. We hardly travel across state by our own cars, so I really wondered how many times would the 118 horses of the city be unleashed, and I knew barring the spirited early morning or late night drives, they would spend their time cooling off in the city traffic.Still the driving pleasure they bring was another thing that drove me towards the City. I think with rising competition the car scene and quality of products will increase tremendously. Just look at the market, Honda had to swallow its "premium" pill, push some features back in its cars, Hyundai managed to be the feature king, keeping the prices decent, MSIL , well , playing almost the perfect game, and almost all competitive cars today are getting facelifted to keep the buyers happy. Even though the car scene has improved by a great quantum since the Esteem -First gen City days...I think the best times for the Indian car Scene is yet to come.
  7. I agree with rahul, if Honda does manage to keep it around the discounted price, The Jazz "should " knock the sails out of the competition. I myself bought the Jazz select at 6.46 lakh on road a month ago , and I am sure people are now really realizing its value as the ultimate petrol hatch in the country..( I am in love with her, and I didn't find the Polo 1.6 as good as her.) Its the most spacious hatch in its segment , and also has the most premium interiors , and to me its a lot more "VFM " if I compare it to other hatches . In my research , almost everyone I asked , had given me an idea about every car in the market today. Some had GC issues,some this , some that. The Jazz had only one issue....The price...and now Honda has fixed that too , along with added features I think it has to be the complete package if one is looking for a premium hatch today.
  8. 9 lakhs is a bit too much ,should not be more than 7-7.5 lakhs at the most if MSIL wants it do amazingly, but if MSIL wants to break away from its usual " efficient, high on average, low on maintenance" boring image then The Swift Sport might be the Ace in its sleeve. MSIL tried breaking away with its old image with the The Kizashi, which was tagged as India's first sports sedan, I don't know how much it was true , or maybe that added to it not working in the market, but I am sure a super hit product like Swift will get great numbers if such a lovely enthusiast oriented car hits our shores. I will be waiting for this little monster , if its coming at all! And if sx4 is a beast, then this baby will be nothing short of dynamite.
  9. Nice to read the fine details sir, I think the Verito diesel makes a lot of sense, very much like the Etios, and any person who wants max value for their money will definitely go for these cars. Its big, acres of space, adequate engine, amazing ride quality and a great build quality , what else does one look for a family sedan. Both these cars share a lot of essential qualities that go into a proper family car. Its sad to see MM still not improving its finishing issues, like the indicator one you wrote about. The Logan was a good car in its own right, I think the Verito takes it forward from it.
  10. The etios is the most practical, "wise" petrol sedan in the country right now ss800, when it was launched I written a thread in which I wrote what a game changer it would be in the B segment. And today it has knocked off the old leader,Dzire, without a diesel engine, mind you, and it seems the masses have really warmed up to the car. Coming to the car, you must have researched about it, i will not go further there. My uncle has a G model, and he is quiete satisfied with it. For the cabin noise, I would suggest 3M under body coating alongwith panel protection , along with good quality floor mats . These will cut down the noise considerably provided you are red lining the car. It was done on his car, and I could see the difference so I will recommend these to anyone who is worried about the cabin noise. As far as car improvements go, I don't think Toyota will do much about this, especially now with the car doing so well. A facelift some years later, might cover the spartan interiors and cabin noise issues. I was going to book Etios V myself , when the night before I was informed about Jazz's price cut. Go ahead with Etios, its the best B segment petrol car currently. Service will be better than Tata , don't worry.
  11. I think the topic doesnt match the content of the thread, it should be something like" How Car Co.s Try To Fool The Gullible car buyer". They hire an ad agency, give them an idea what they want to project, and in the end , the message portrayed is something else. Haven't seen the Ad sethi mentioned, but reading it surely makes it look like a cheap chick flick kind of an ad. The worst ads have been truly by Hyundai, the hot-tie Urvashi sharma acting like a hyper girl in front of the cachexic anorexic SRK in i10 ad. Maruti made some really good ads in the past, the country rides on a maruti, want to go home, The swift ad with the kashmiri looking out of his binoculars, even the new kizashi ad is OK . The Best ads according to me , was one of the early SX4 ads, the one in which a black SX4 takes on a truck . since I have seen Sx4's intimidating bigger cars on road, this otherwise cheesy ad made a lot of sense The old safari ad was one of the better ads in the past. Tigers, wildlife reserve,and the car's appeal really gelled well. Sadly one gets to see ads like Manza's ad which takes potshots at Dzire , and that too when The tsunami had struck. Really bad timing, spoils an otherwise well thought of ad. The Estilo ad, with the remixed " roop tera mastana" is the most mentally injurious ad . Who would call the Estilo as a attractive design. Aamir khans ad for the innova, Saif's ad for the Uva were well thought out ads that gave the right message of the cars involved. For the verito ad, I would have liked Sanju Baba staring down the honker in his typical " Musafir " stubble and swagger, although Jimmy shergill does a great intimidating act .
  12. i20 as the leader in premium hatches, cant edit my post hence this back to back post.
  13. When you are going to compare a 20 lakh L and K Laura to a 16-17 lakh LTZ Cruze then its obviously a hell of a class difference. At 20 lakhs, you enter the domain of the Accords and Superbs, which well are head and shoulders above the above two. At 14-15 lakhs the Cruze and Laura will continue to fight for supremacy , both are terrific cars, I really cant pick one, the Laura tempts with its power and handling, The Cruze gets it DieselThump ahead, the head unit of the The Cruze is the only thing that saves it, apart from its spartan interiors. The New Jetta may change things, but I still think nothing will come close to the Cruze and Laura experience . This side of 20 lakhs, The Laura 1.8 Tsi Ambiente is the king in Petrol's, While I would vote for Cruze LTZ in the diesels category. I think Verna will continue its dominion, until the City gets its 4th avatar out with adequate features and pricing, otherwise I don't see any car, save for a 1.4 Tsi Vento petrol challenging it. Etios, well , I had already seen it as a game changer, and despite MSIL not being able to get its production right, Etios will only go from strength to strength now, And the new shortened dzire doesn't look like it could do anything more than its predecessor. And this is when there is only petrol, So easily one can see its the best selling petrol sedan overall in all segments. And once it gets a diesel heart, it will be game over for opponents, only if the Nissan Sunny can offer something really good, I don't think anything would stop The T march. Although the Passat is a gem of a car, with class leading features and diesel engine, its yet to outscore the Superb , expect the VW tank to roll higher. And hatches, well its burning as hell, Brio ,new Swift, Liva , I expect this trio to tear into the hegemony of Alto,Wagon r,i10 and i20. If Honda prices the Brio well, it could be a game up for the T and M's, who won't buy the 90 bhp sporty hatch car if it comes at a par price. The City surely strikes back as The leading petrol C segmenter.Along with the old swift, These two outgoing models still manage to kick the Hyundai twins of i20 and petrol Verna with some margin. Expect their new avatars to widen the gap even more, So , its the Alto,Swift, Etios,Verna. Laura,Superb as the segment leaders across the economy hatch , premium hatch , entry sedan, C, C+ AND D segments. Expect fireworks between New swift , Liva and Brio.
  14. This is one of the better Hyundai bash ups I have seen lately. Usually I don't reply, but this was one is too good to resist. Which of the Verna's have you driven off late? Lets start with your " List of 10 things why not to buy a Hyundai Verna", and pore over each point, going to the little nitty gritty. I have driven both the Verna's, and tweaked most of its toys. It seems the number of worsts you have mustered indicate thing or more about your distaste about Hyundai. As far its concerned, The Ride quality.within city limits, is much better than the City and vento, its well damped, absorbs the road pretty well. On uneven, slant roads, or certain uneven surfaces you will feel bounciness of the rear , which is disturbing, but the car doesnt bottom out with load, like the City. At speeds over 120 kmh , The Bounciness becomes more pronounced, not very disconcerting, but yes a flaw in the dynamics certainly, where the Vento feels completely planted followed by the City. Cabin NVH , is again the best in the class, you wont hear a buzz from outside at even 100kmh plus speeds, while the city and vento make their whine and growl respectively Worst braking? Have you tried out 1-20's braking ever? a difference of 4-5 meters shown in the magazines and tests is under controlled conditions, you may not brake the car in the same conditions so comparing braking with hearsay , or test details is like telling Dravid is a lesser Batsmen than Tendulkar. Turbo lag? Its the smoothest diesel engine, much smoother than the Vento, which literally explodes once you cross the 1500-1700 mark, although I love this, the Verna is a much more smoother car in terms of power shift. Visibility from rear . well all sedans currently, are fashioned with big bottom kardashian type designs, the Vento and the City arent really " Look behind, See everything " cars, they too have poor rear visibility, and again in this aspect, the rear parking camera with integrated sensors in the Verna blanks out the competition, I could carve out the car with a scooter standing less than 2 feet , and I could even see the shadows of the Verna rear as I backed up. STEERING RESPONSE- well , this is where, the City and Vento claim to be ahead, But the Diesel Verna has a decent steering response, and I didn't find it as lifeless as the petrol , which was truly a let down. CABIN SPACE - the City and Vento win this round, by a slim margin, this I am saying as I myself have Broadly built, and the Driver seat, is much wider in the city and the vento. The Rear leg space, is good enough , if you are carrying kids or avg height passengers, but is any day shorter than the city and vento. POOR BUILD QUALITY AND PANEL GAPS? Where have you seen that lately ??? When I went checking out the diesel, My friend who has the latest city came along. And he had this open jawed look on his face, and he agreed the Verna has completely aced the looks department. Build quality is yet to be established, since its a new car, But the car is solidly built, has a greater road presence than the other sedans, looks a segment bigger. Chinese electricals , hahahaha, that one is even fancier, its like VW is fitting German electricals and Honda is shipping Japanese stuff all inside their cars? This aint the maruti 1000 era when electricals used to be such an issue, any car-maker today knows it cant bungle on this aspect of a car. Our Elantra is still Running on its old electricals. In fact , the SX O is given 5 star C NCAP , although I wonder how many of the Chinese cars get that. Panel gaps were seen in the early production models/test cars, the production cars are neatly turned out babies. In diesels, for a smooth, silent ,refined car, the Verna trumps the Vento, whereas the Vento scores ahead if u want more backseat comfort. While in the petrol's, its your choice for either. The Verna packs in features , so if you are looking to keep the car for a long period, you wont feel outdated, which might happen in the case of its under equipped rivals. The Verna is a much better car than most people make it to be. Period
  15. He is a mortal after all , I have seen him winning more one day matches than any other Indian ever since I started watching cricket after the 96 cup, I myself consider him to the GOD of cricket, in cricket he is at a level , which is tough for even legends to reach. But this car selling thing, really doesn't suit his stature, even if its business, selling a gift , is well , appalling . Really speaks of his stingy behavior, despite being a billionaire. Yes, its his personal decision, some XYZ celeb does charity for publicity sake, some ABC celeb do it silently without the need of a publicity gimmick. If he decided to sell his car , it would have been a different thing, but selling a gift, is another. Not for cricketing reasons only is he respected so much, he has declined to do advertisements for alcoholic products , which speaks of his character and values.
  16. The Etios sedan which measures around 4290 mm weighs in at 915 kgs,while the Etios hatchback weighs in at 920 kgs., which is 3775 mm in length, wow, what a paradox, I wonder what is Toyota up to , heck even the so called tin pots like swift weigh in over 1000 kgs, can anyone explain how Toyota manages to keep both the sedan and the hatch at the same kerb weight? To me, The body structure of the Etios looked all right, maybe Toyota is hiding the flyweight metal behind its stunningly beautiful paint. Perhaps the chassis is the culprit.
  17. vipul, its really fortunate to come across honest and hardworking professional mechanics . Not everyone gets to find such motor messiah's , their honest and valuable advice, apart from personalized service is definitely a level above the production mill type of services in some authorized service centers. I haven't been to MASS naraina ever since we've known him, and touch wood, the car has been "kept in the game" very well by him .
  18. dear vipul, I showed him this thread, and amazingly he has AGREED for a demonstration of parking sensors in the city , which I have somehow managed to arrange from a known Honda dealer. so everyone's comments surely have worked rather than my solo lecturing. so thats a welcome break from " I need a camera " stance. and I am happy he saw the logic in my advice and all the posts here. I am taking him for the demo today. thank you everyone for the advice , ! The sensors are being offered by Honda at 5500 rs with 1 year warranty, and the camera is at 7200 , although the latter's demo will have to be done in the market, I hope the sensors turn out really well for him. sorry sgiitk sir, will watch the I's and you's,apart from my deviance toward sms lingo, my bad !
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  20. i don't know how much the interiors plastic quality of the competition differs from the etios as i haven't seen a manza in real time from inside, apart from the body shell issues, i find the etios still a more well rounded up offering than the manza and dzire. it has the best space, best handling, best ride quality , apart from Toyota service backing , great fuel efficiency, and despite being very low birth weight, its door shells and body strength is pretty good , if u compare it to the dzire. yes, sound proofing is bad, apart from a spartan interiors, but in the b segment , the interiors of dzire and manza too aren't appealing. with regards to car vibrations, my uncle's etios is vibration free and i never found any while pushing it to the limit. as far as engine sound goes, this car isn't tuned for redlining , since its a family car, but yes, effective gear changing can reduce the whine of the engine, u can slot into the 5th at 60 km h, other wise u get to hear that roar every time the etios revs cross the limit. we got under body treatment ,apart from matting and body treatment done on his etios, and its really silent at city speeds, yes u cannot compare its nvh to c segmenters like Verna or a higher car like altis, leave alone Camry which is heads and shoulders above in segments and price. so u can "manage" most of these issues, regarding the vibrations , i think some manufacturing/build issues might be there, but i haven't seen too many etios owners with the same complaint. rattles are being reported, but still , that's one thing common to cars in this segment, not that i am condoning what cost cutting Toyota has done, but most of it can be rectified or dealt with. at seven lakhs and below, i find the gsp etios to be the most value for money and satisfying car. much much over a fiesta/manza/dzire
  21. maruti ass has been really good to my 18 year old 800, and it still evokes a grin and a question every time it goes for a service, with most of them asking me the model its MASS for me too. and its really fortunate we found professional mechanic, mr naresh , who has been the "superhero" for our oldie , apart from his outstanding work ethic, he gives the most honest advice ...truly a gem of a person. Had the sx4 undergone a facelift/ or had a had better Fe and overall quality.. i would have blindly booked it for both MASS and mr naresh's sake. i think if u find a genuinely good mechanic or a professional service center, there isn't much difference. still for services i would prefer MASS , and for denting/repairs and other nit bits, i would go for a honest professional mechanic .
  22. now that is a great news for petrol heads like me, especially me since i love the vento diesel beast so much that i wanted its petrol sibling to be as much a rocket as it is. can anyone confirm when are they launching it? i wanted a petrol sedan for myself since a long time, and i wont mind waiting for a turbocharged petrol, which i had to sadly rule out in linea and laura, due to ass and long term ownership issues. i feel this engine can establish vento petrol as an equal to the city and may even supersede the driving pleasure of a city.
  23. Dear vipul and Nishu, this friend of mine has really got bitten hard by the camera bug and no matter how much I tried to drill what all you have said into his mind has no effect on him. I mentioned it before also, but he has a MORBID fear of parking, I remember once he was parking his old zen at a mall, while I was directing him, and to my amazement , he couldn't notice a little kid at the back , so its evident my dear lad is really bonkers for the camera. he still remembers that incident, and uses it like a "benchmark" for his lousy parking abilities every time I tell him a trick or two about parking. and the Hyundai oem camera is a bloody good camera, I tested it myself, and,nishu, rightly pointed by you, it doesn't give an idea of the lateral proximity to any obstruction, and one might end scraping the flanks of the car if one relies solely on the cam while parking in a close slot . I am trying to allay my friends fear regarding this parking thing, I sat in the vento rear, also , drove it for a bit initially . and I could feel the vento being a more spacious and well laid out cabin, and a more explosive ,growly engine is a better car for both enthusiasts and people who want to enjoy the ride at the back. lets hope I get a good demonstration of a great cam and my friend GETS this fear of aftermarket fittings out of his mind. although i personally feel an after market fitting can never match a company fitted/oem gadget, i believe the quality of after market fittings has become more reliable with time. heck , even the subros ac in my old 800 is still working fine , which is really ancient, so i believe we can get a good parking camera here . I know most of you will recommend sensors at the most, but my friend really has parking issues, imagine he would be super cautious while parking his super visibility car, zen, so u can imagine his fear in a sedan like vento . I did my own research last night, was leafing through the June editions of autocar and overdrive ...and tadaa....found some ads on the this topic only two of them have offices in delhi, rest are based outside. steel mate,black cat, dhc , caska, not sure about caska whether it makes reverse cams too, these were the ones i could muster from the magz. which one do you think is the best? i want to give a demonstration of these after market fittings would work , will make a trip to Karol bagh for the same, I think we can get a trial/demonstration of a rear parking cam once before we buy it? i don't even know whether the accessories shop I frequent for my 800 would have sensors/cams , can anyone recommend a reliable accessories shop in delhi for a parking camera? --- Watch your spelling and punctuation sonny. I have just corrected the I's and the you's. Your previous post was not much better. I suggest you use a word processing software, correct your language, and then cut and paste. Mod sgiitk2011-06-23 10:48:05