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  1. my first post in the gadgets section. want to help my best friend , who is currently looking for a diesel sedan , and his confused about issue of parking cams/sensors , whether after market ones can be relied upon/ how much do they last/ which is the best one etc....and sadly i have no idea which manufacturer or product to suggest. its even more important, as he is veering towards a car just because it has a parking sensor, so u can understand he really has difficulty in parking cars. i accompanied my best friend today for back to back test drives of vento highline tdi and verna sx crdi 1.6. He was in love with the vento all along, But there came was a twist. as expected, my friend was completely enamored by the vento, right from the cabin space,to the rear ac duct, explosive acceleration and handling. add to that, he didn't mind the growl from the monster and the vibrations on the clutch ! it was all fun, till we returned back to the facility, and he had to park the car. and all his excitement drained as the lad craned his neck out to park, with inputs from me at the back.He said , he absolutely loved the car, save for the parking affair, and didn't mind the 3-4 months waiting period too. next up, was Verna, and the first thing on his mind while getting into the test drive vehicle, was the PARKING CAMERA, understandably, he is a gadget freak , and within a minute or two of getting used to the cam, he had this satisfied,drool look on his face, and the rest of the short test drive, he didn't really notice how the vento differed from the Verna, and despite my REPEATED assurances that we can get equally good or better reverse cameras and sensors for the vento, he doesn't want to believe a market fitted camera, no matter how costly can be as good as a factory fitted camera. can anyone really suggest top of the line parking cameras and sensors for the vento. ???? he has difficulty in parking otherwise too, even in his old zen. which otherwise has great rear view visibility, and i get a feeling he is just veering towards Verna on the basis of the parking cam, even though he admits the vento suiting his needs otherwise. Can anyone suggest a top of the line parking cam and sensors, which give a massive view of the rear ? i have no clue on rear parking sensors , let alone cams, and it would be nice if someone who is actually using one, can tell me about his/her experience. THANKS.......
  2. what would u do if the etios had an ivtec and premium interiors and insulation alongwith a stronger shell....i'd say it kill the city and its elder c segmenters, what say bala, isnt the etios a more practical sedan choice over the city /verna/vento
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  5. dear turbocharged vipul, i have read ur posts and i am sure u love the nice well fed curves.......on the tires that is. doesnt changing tyres affect fuel efficiency and steering feedback? apart from the handling that is? what treatment some cars is need - SX4- a nice hot interior designer( female if possible) to upgrade the whole cabin, a geeky wide and deep eyed rear glass for better rear view visiblity and a stringy kanjoos engine to improve its fuel efficiency CITY - well, the fairy who can restore its premium interiors, another fairy to get it the features it deserves , and a big fat upgrade to the ground clearance. ETIOS- again the same abovesaid, a massive overhaul of the plastics, which probably are the only stark negative in the car, heck even the dzire has better plastics, then some beefy muscled metal slices to ensure this baby builds a strong body shell , and if this happens the etios will be unarguably be the best car 6 lakhs could get in this country. EUROPEANS - in general, cheaper spare parts , and a better ass VENTO- rear view visibility, better petrol engine, better interiors. POLO- space space, i dont think the car lacks anything else LINEA AND PUNTO ,.- brand image,ass,spares, more of these ,....please dont screw such beautiful cars for no fault of theirs. hyundai- handling handling, rear visiblity for verna and better rear seats will make ity the undisputed king. i20, well price cuts, to start with , and no rattling please
  6. parthi , yes everyone is right, do wait for the Liva at least,. as its around the corner i personally believe the hatch segment is catching fire,and in future. literally aag lagnewali hai , with the launch of Liva, swift and brio. everyone will try and get the volumes, so i think no one will leave any fault or two. Maruti, being the king, has been under attack from Hyundai , and with ford and Volkswagen small cars doing wonders, i think maruti will pack in a lot of worth in the new swift. if possible wait for launch of each of them , go for long multiple test drives and decide yourself. i personally think the liva and swift would be the chartbusters.
  7. creative, very few people think like you and me, i almost booked the etios for its value, only when additional finance was available i booked a c segmenter. i personally find it to the most practical car , not even limiting its value to sedans. a fantastic engine, awesome ride quality, the smoothest gear shift amongst cars under 10 lakhs, acres of space i.e terrific leg space n boot space, more terrrific power delivery across all gears,and all this backed by toyota. i find it a more practical car than the so called hot hatches like i20 , fabia. for city driving, i think its a perfect car, much better than most c segmenters and hatches. only that its too light, and poorly insulated, so it does not absorb the vibrations and sounds from bigger vehciles and trucks at high speeds on the highways. the one way ones especially, and being super light, i don't know how its shell would behave in a crash. otherwise its a superb car, the most vfm car , i am going gaga, yes, and if would have to put 7 lakhs or less for a car it would be etios.
  8. 15 lakh mein BMW DREAM COME TRUE ! , and BMW keeps up its image of performance and eliteness, the car looks classy and seems it will smash all its opponents in terms of driving pleasure too, which has always been the forte of BMW when is it coming October? i am telling u if bmw keeps it anywhere near 15 lakhs, the definition of premium and actually feeling spoilt behind the wheel will be redefined. and laura./altis/cruze/civic must already be having cramps bring it on BMW , yes it looks like a overgrown muscled polo,
  9. gem of our country? i thought it was a japanese beauty sold in india,russia, brazil and some other countries? its the other way round in reality, how can the city match the verna? look at verna's interiors , ride quality, exterior looks, cheaper ass and spares and longer service intervals, and no need to mention the features. these are all much much better than the city. the city is already outdated if u talk about features, for a long term buyer the Verna has enough features and qualities that make it a more vfm as well as overall product than the city, even after the price cut. the city is a much better handler and has a much better rear seat with much better rear visibility , which only are the only benefits of the city. with low ground clearance the city too isn't a family car that can be sped across the city bumpers the verna is a much more complete car, but i don't think u should get in the crappy Indian habit of comparing , from cars to toothpastes, we all like to crown one particular product king and the other..........leave it . 19-20 ka farak hai yaar dono mein, at the end both are great cars .
  10. 3 month service intervals??? i thought the city had a 1 yr service interval / 5000 kms ??? i still feel verna with its features,exteriors,interiors,cheaper ass,better ride quality is a better option than the city.
  11. the circuit stands have a total seating of almost 1,20 000 seats. bloody hell, thats almost as big or bigger than eden gardens, imagine the roar of the monster machines combined with the combined cheers of the spectators, mega sound hope the race goes well and is well attended, i reckon there is a greater following of F1 in delhi,maharashtra, tamil nadu and karnataka, and apart from f1 fans many people will also come to see what F1 is all about. although i almost stopped watching f1 after schumi retired, i hope to come for the mega event. sad to read that schumi,karthikeyan,and chandhok are not scorching the tracks.
  12. hello varun, this is mithrandir, i cannot access my account so i made this id, yes you are bang on when u compare verna vs city to a galaxy vs iphone face off i am myself in the process of finalizing a petrol sedan , so i have been tding all shortlisted cars reading magazines and scoops on the net do give u an idea of how the car is, but everyone has a driving style,personal requirement which varies from person to person i have driven the Verna sx vvt, and let me tell u , if you are looking for 99 percent city driving then there is not much that separates the verna and city where city scores - better road stability at speeds over 100 km.h -better steering feedback, you will know how much of a push will turn the car to what extent better than the verna's joystick like which can be literally moved with fingers. this difference is not much beneficial in city driving but goes a long way in highway driving where lane changes have to be carefully decided. - somewhat better handling , yes, i found the city has better handling than the verna, but this is not a deal breaker, as the verna handles pretty well too. -snob value, yes i think honda still has that snob value over hyundai -rear seat, honda still has the the most roomy rear seat, with brilliant design, i find it the best in class, verna has a very low ditch like rear seat, the tall occupant having very less under thigh support, while ladies and children will find it adequate, but getting in and out of a low seat can be tiring after a long drive or for old persons. -rear view visibility, honda has the best all round visiblity, u dont need a parking senor, leave alone a camera to park, so if ur my kind of a driver who relies primarily on the rear view mirror and not the side mirrors for overtaking, u will find the city to be better in this regard where the verna scores - interiors from the sx and sx o version simply are leagues ahead. as a result the verna looks a segment above the city -features, no need to say anything, verna is the feature king , too many of them against city's miserly offerings,namely climate control ,ioniser,integrated stereo and remote, Bluetooth, alloys,electrochromic rear mirror, camera n sensors,auto door lock/unlock in case of accidents,automatic closing orvm's etc. -ride quality( for the city roads), the verna has a very soft suspension and its a really lovely smooth drive within the city , -cheaper spares and better maintenance , the Verna if i remember correctly has a 10k service interval against city's 5k , while Hyundai parts will be cheaper too, so overall cheaper to maintain. - both cars have a somewhat low stance, if u pack in 4-5 passengers, the city becomes little depressed and prone to scratching, and a difference in the dynamics can be noted at that time. the Verna too gets bogged down with similar loads. u can seat 5 well built people more comfortably in the city, than the Verna, which has lesser shoulder room than city. overall look wise, the verna looks more sporty and well built. don't book or finalize a car just only thinking whether its the segment leader, , i would suggest u find the car that suits ur needs the most, and of course has the desired brag value with it. each car has its own characteristics, so u cant city is currently no.3 or 4 so its not a good buy. no.1 and no.2 are market terms, a best selling car is not leaps and bounds over its no.2 car, especially in c plus segment, the Verna petrol to me, is a very sensible car, will give u decent driving experience, is feature rich and cheaper to maintain than Honda. the city will give u a better driving experience, fog lamps and alloys at a big cost not much else at the v model, a roomier cabin which can fit 5 prettyy well , and a better rear seat. i couldn't stretch the Verna i drive to much over 110 km h in my recent td, however my friend who a diesel does tell me above 120 km h on highway the rear seat gets sensitive to little undulations on the road , although the car remains stable overall at high speeds up till 150 kmh , as he told i have driven my own 2nd gen city till 170 km/h, so i cant compare and tell u my take on the verna's high speed manners. the city remains well planted and u dont feel nervous at such speeds. people have claimed that city has low nvh levels, i disagree, the city's cabin is very silent , and if you are not of hard revving type drivers u will never feel the engine sound. i revv very hard , which is a benefit of the city hence it makes some noise at high rpms, but its nothing that would be called as noise. the Verna's cabin too had a very silent nvh level, at least till 100 km h. make a choice between the two, they both are great cars.