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  1. Here is my input of advantages and disadvantages of EVs in Indian context. Disadvantages - Cost : This can be addressed via different govt. measures going forward - Charging infrastructure: This is the biggest issue, specially for people who don't have fixed parking spaces or limited electricity availability. Public charging infra needs a bigger push. - Travel range: Again this is something which new upcoming EVs are addressing but presently it's a cause for concern (specially for inter state runs). - Cost of battery replacement (when that gets due), this might wipe out all the savings gathered due to low cost of running. - Resale value: Unknown at this stage but i presume people might avoid picking up old EVs, specially the ones nearing battery replacement cycle. Advantages - Everything else
  2. Main feature addition in Exclusive variant is the Skyroof. But I think base variant (Excite) covers most of the things.
  3. Many congratulations @librankur I think it's just a matter of time (may be 5 yrs) when EV's will become mainstay in India, specially considering government's plans going forward. My next car will surely be an EV.
  4. I think more than the product, segment or price, it;s the brand which is making difference here. I don't see any future for any Mitsubishi product in India
  5. I also don't like the exterior of the nextgen Creta, specially the rear tail lamp design. Somehow it looks like a person walking with his trousers few inches down
  6. Another great review Karan !! Kia has shown to all that if you offer what customer wants (looks, features, engine+gearbox options, reasonable price) then your product will sell, even in damp market conditions. Will be interesting to see tussle between Seltos and nextgen Creta.
  7. I think the biggest mistake Tata have made again is not offering AT at the start. Market has decidedly moved towards AT and here's Tata not offering AT in Altroz and Harrier. There is no point in offering the same at a later date as customer would have made their mind about the product by then.
  8. Looks pretty boring to me for a nextgen City. Somehow the side profile reminds me of Ciaz
  9. Another amazing video Karan !! Indeed it's a dream come true (a feeling which can't be descried in words) when you go past that 300 kph speed barrier.
  10. I think it's an inherent trait of dual clutch transmissions to get heated up in bumper to bumper traffic. However, it will better to check with Hyundai service center as to what they have to say on this.
  11. I think auto industry have themselves to blame for this downturn. Just look at the price increase in last decade, a so called hatchback now cost a million bucks. When time was favorable auto industry used to keep increasing prices in the name of raw material cost, exchange rate and what not. Though tax is high but that's not the sole reason for this mess. Also, we should keep in mind that owning and running a car has become a nightmare now, specially in big cities. When one can get Uber or Ola at competitive rates, who is going to bother taking out their own car. Moreover, priorities for current generation have changed, they are more inclined to spend on their other needs or hobbies (like food, travelling etc) than to put their money into buying a house or car.
  12. Nice looking car. They will be selling current Grand i10 Petrol also along with this, not sure what's the rationale for this. Pricing for petrol variants are sort of Ok considering it's BS6 compliant but diesel engine is still BS4. Don't know why Hyundai always manages to confuse customers with their weird features distribution across variants.
  13. sachins

    Kia Seltos

    I think MG has made a great start in India covering all aspects - product pricing, features, long term warranty, service plans, assured buyback program etc. Real world picture will be known I guess only after an year or so - reliability, A.S.S etc Since Selto's pricing is not yet known so it's difficult to pick one for now. But being subsidiary of Hyundai, I think it will have better overall quality. From looks perspective I like Seltos more. Hector is a bit narrow and long, giving it a more MPV kind of stance (that's just my view as I saw one near Safdurjung Enclave, New Delhi)
  14. It's good to see manufacturers starting to roll out BS6 compliant vehicles. However, they will still get registered as BS4 in RTO's until 1-Apr-2020. Also availability of BS6 fuel is an issue out side Delhi-NCR, so owners should watch out for this.
  15. I am quite surprised by Glanza's pricing, specially the MT variants. They have undercut equivalent Baleno variant's pricing also. Price wise: Glanza G MT (7.22 lacs) = Baleno Delta Dualjet (7.25 lacs) But Equipment Wise: Glanza G MT = Baleno Zeta Dualjet (7.87 lacs) So in effect if you buy Glanza G MT, you are getting Baleno Zeta variant at the price of Delta variant.