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  1. hi, can any one help me with this- I have a Vento highline. Isn't it supposed to have chrome on its steering wheel except for the logo part?
  2. Now I m feeling bad.. I did not expect the changes to come anytime soon. @crazy doc - I agree 12-13 is very low, but Mumbai's traffic has risen exponentially. Cant help it.
  3. Dear all, I got my Vento last month. Its been just over 35 days. Here is my experience of the car: The Bad: Rear ac vents are kind of useless. Missing aux/usb in music system. The centre floor channel is pretty high (rear). No manual locks from inside. Rear seats a bit upright. No steering mounted controls. Front armrest blocks the reach to handbrakes and the seatbelt buckle. The clutch feels a bit hard, thus legs ache sumtimes while driving through bad traffic. Not getting much used to putting gear in reverse. White colour of my car is difficult to maintain everyday. The good: I love the way it looks. The cabin feels airy and big. Front seats really comfy. Good AC, speakers. Steering is light and the response is good. Good pick up from rest. And good acceleration in any gear once you floor the pedal. The combination and variety of lights used for lighting up the display and buttons looks good at night (blue, white, red, orange etc.). The plastics used in the car feel of a good quality. Good noise reduction in cabin. Good Mileage (12-13kmpl overall). Keys are easy to use and manage. The info display could have been larger. Armrests, both front and rear add great comfort. The Best: I feel its a reeaallly stable car. High speeds also I feel confident to drive this car, does not feel it'll loose grip of the road easily. Good absorption of bumps. Great visibility. The lamps for the rear passengers are ideally placed. The car feels like a fantastic art of engineering. Boot space is X-large. Auto up and down for all 4 power windows. Pinch Guard for all windows. I can remember only this much right now. will update as much i can recollect. Darshan
  4. Can someone tell me what tyre pressure should i maintain in Vento? i tried finding everywhere in the car and the booklet but cant seem to find so.
  5. I've been suggested a film of the company called Profilm, Any idea how is it? I am also looking for a good quality Dark film with good Heat reduction. Pl help
  6. Hey Guys, Just got my new Volkswagen Vento Diesel. Awesome car. Runs very good. Suspension also very good. Took it on expressway and boy it can run fast with being stable and comfortable. AC is good. Music system good though no USB or AUX connection. Boot Space really good. ? Doors dont get locked from inside.
  7. Hey Guys thanks for your help. I have booked a Vento diesel. I'll keep you'll updated when i receive the car about its performance. If anyone has any queries about vento, I'll be glad to help.
  8. @ sarabjeet Your right, that is very much possible. I will go to some other dealer too.
  9. Guys, Please advice whether to go for vento diesel highline or verna diesel SX? Which car willl be good value 3 to 4 years down the line? I am too confused. On one hand there is the tag of german engineering and on the other good looks and features.
  10. @ TSI vipul Thank you. However, the TD vehicle I had driven ad clocked around 7800kms. and i found it surprising that no matter how hard i pushed, it just wouldnt give me a kick start until i put it in 3rd Gear. Also other engine sound was quite irritating to the ear. But that was just 1 car and plus a TD vehicle. So wanted to ask other people about their experience. But thank you anyways. If anyone owns a vento Diesel, I would still like to know their experiences too.
  11. Dear Friends, I am contemplating to buy Either VW Vento (D) Highline or City Petrol S or V MT and i need your help. I want to know form people who own a vento diesel a few things - 1. How much is the basic service costs? 2. What is the mileage of your diesel vento in City? 3. Has any other expenses/ faults occured in the car? 4. How is the noise level inside he car a few months down the line? 5. Is the back seat comfortable? Does anyone reccomend bucketing of the rear seats. 6. Also during test drive, i noticed that the AC is not that powerful and the rear vents are not really helpful. Please give your opinion on this. 7. How is the pick up of the car in 1st and 2nd gear?
  12. @all - Though Verna may win in terms of the accessories, Honda is probably playing smart ball. All those things necessary to enjoy a car ride, Honda provides it. Some of the features that Honda does not provide are cd player and automatic climate control. But guess what, even in cars i drive, i never play any cd any longer, either i plug in my cell/mp3 player into aux or use a pen drive. And even if I have climate control, i use manual controls on it, like fan speed and temperature. The only advantage is that you know what temperature you are setting, in Honda one has to approximate. I took the test drive of both City and Verna yesterday, the thing about Verna i did not like is that the rear bounces more than once at speed breakers. Though hardly felt at slow speeds, but I am guessing it"ll just amplify at high speeds. Also, Now that City's prices are reduced by more than 50,000. Its a good buy.