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  1. Hello everyone! I own a Mach 500. Got it in 2009.. ran 10,200kms till date.. When I start my bike, I get a weird "tak tak" kind of sound from the engine.. I went to a mechanic and he did something and the sound didn't go away and he said that the only solution to it was a silencer change. A few weeks later, the RE showroom opened in the place where I live and they said that one of the push rods was bent and one valve was broken and that it was the local mechanic's fault.. So, I had to get them changed,which I did.. In the first 2 weeks after the repair, the bike sounded brand new and since then the sound has been really annoying. I used to think that the sound was normal but when I looked at the other 350 electra's over there, they sounded good. What might be wrong with the bike? Also, where did you get a goldie with glasswool?